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Secret Nazi Base Discovered in the Arctic

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Years before Germany launched its 1939 offensive against Poland, the Third Reich readied itself for war. As part of these ongoing preparations, Hitler launched several expeditions to colonize remote areas and establish bases in both the Arctic and Antarctica.

The objective of these stations was to serve as military outposts for Kriegsmarine submarines hunting down Allied convoys while also supplying Germany with valuable resources like whale oil.

However, the expeditions also had a more sinister purpose related to Himmler and the Occult. It is said that Hitler sent archeologists tasked with uncovering ancient Nordic relics.

The operations were plagued with strange happenings from the beginning, and none was more mysterious than what happened at the German Arctic base Schatzgräber, or Treasure Hunter.

The base was abruptly abandoned in 1943 after half of its crew strangely passed away, and it was found more than 70 years later filled with war goods covered under thick layers of snow.

Dark Files presents the weirdest and strangest true stories from history…. researching the most classified, paranormal, and supernatural secrets. Separating fact from fiction, we try to present the rumors and theories as they have been recorded, but we leave the debate about the truth up to you.


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