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Secret Space Program Conference 2015 Introduction Daniel Liszt

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Date: October 31 – November 1

Location: Bastrop Texas (20 mil from Bergstrom Int Austin airport) at the

Speakers: Catherine Austin Fitts, Linda Moulton Howe, Joseph P Farrell, Paul Laviolette, Walter Bosley, Olav Phillips…more speakers to be announced.

The real authorities in the field of advanced technology, the breakaway civilization, deep security state and the black budget will convene for a game-changing weekend in October that will …… leave you wondering who really controls our world? Is there a Secret Space Program being developed outside the public eye using funds allocated by congress for purposes of creating a completely separate economic system? Where are the missing budget trillions? What is the UFO phenomenon? Is it a series of military projects using this advanced technology developed in underground bases around the globe or does it represent something completely unknown and alien to human reality? Discover the new evidence and shocking findings that show why, as public space programs like NASA languish in debt, delays and failure, the development of space rages on by an untouchable, elite cabal unhindered by public accountability or congressional oversight!

Following on the heels of the successful 2014 event in San Mateo, this year’s 2-day Secret Space Program Conference will be held in Austin, Texas and will be even more power-packed with top speakers, innovative topics and live stream interaction.


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