Thursday, June 20, 2024

Secret Space Program Disclosure, ET Involvement & Advanced Technology with Tony Rodrigues

This weeks episode we have special guest Tony Rodrigues. We dive into Secret Space Program Disclosure, ET Involvement, Advanced Technology and much more. Tony’s Website: Tony’s book ‘Ceres Colony Cavalier’ here:… —————————————— Raised By Giants Rokfin channel here: Donate to Raised By Giants on PayPal here:… Donate on Buy A Coffee here: Grab your Silver maker and use promo code RBG10 for 10% off here:… Silver Excelsior here:… Superior CBD Oil promo code RBG10 for 10% off:… ——————————————— Follow ‘Raised By Giants’ on Apple Podcasts here:… Follow ‘Raised By Giants’ back up channel on Odysee here:… Download ‘Raised By Giants’ episodes on Spreaker here:… Follow ‘RBG’ on Spotify here:… ‘Forbidden Knowledge News’ network Website here: Follow ‘Raised By Giants’ on Instagram @raisedbygiantspod here:… Send me a email for any questions or booking here: Into/ outro music by: DISL Automatic


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