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Secret Space War XV: Epic Fail, NeoCons Go For Broke

Secret Space War XV: Epic Fail, NeoCons Go For Broke

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NeoCons Go For Broke With Attempted CZ748 Terror Strike on Hague Nuclear Summit, But Tall Whites Neutralize Cloaking Device

 … by Preston James, PhD

Note: This article is written as interesting fiction for entertainment purposes only. This information cannot be presented as fact because the Secret Shadow Government (SSG) does not allow you to know certain things.

You are allowed to believe anything you want, but for most to “know” for sure that the kind of information covered in this article is actually true, it would have to be disclosed for consumption by the Controlled Major Mass Media (CMMM), backed up with verifiable facts and thus publicly validated.

And as many now realize, the CMMM is little more than a propaganda dispenser for the SSG.


On March 8, 2014, the NeoCons went for broke with their hijacking of China Southern Airlines Flight CZ 748.

A sister ship (matching Boeing 777) had also been purchased along with this aircraft to be used in a Deep-Black op, a “bait & switch” False-Flag attack plan to start a nuclear WW3 between Russia and America over Iran, Syria and the Ukraine.

The sister ship was dressed-out and retrofitted with high tech explosive devices and flown from Miami with its final destination the Hague, Netherlands to crash into the meeting place for the Nuclear Summit on March 24, 2014.(1)

Thanks to the Dutch Air Force and some entity that neutralized the special “black box” cloaking devices installed on the Boeing 777, this terror flight was forced to divert from its final attack descent upon the Nuclear Summit Meeting at the Hague, Netherlands.(2)

These infamous “black Box” cloaking devices have been used for many years on CIA drug trafficking flights into America to “take the aircraft involved off of all Radar systems”, that is, to make them transparent to Military and FAA Radar Systems.


The Black-Box cloaking device used involves “Beyond-Black” alien technology.

The technology involved is “Beyond-Black” and one of the most closely guarded secrets of the Secret Shadow Government (SSG). As the rumors go from a former insider deep within the SSG, these Black Box Cloaking Devices were developed some years back by “E Systems” formerly of Raytheon and were constructed with Alien technology  gained from the Granada Treaty. Some experts say E Systems stands for Electronic Defense Aircraft Systems and Electronic Warfare Systems. Others have claimed it stand for “Ebe Systems” that, is Beyond-Black” applied extra biological entity (ebe) alien technology for the SSG Defense System.

During the Iran-Contra time period the “old E-Systems”was part of the highly secretive Defense Electronic Security System (DESC). E-Systems was credited with developing and deploying hidden backdoor circuits in almost every autopilot system on almost every passenger, commercial and military aircraft. These could be activated remotely by satellite or control plane and redirect the aircraft anywhere desired, even straight down if desired.

An engineer who allegedly worked worked on these circuits, Winfred Richardson, quit the company when he discovered they were involved in massive illegal drug trafficking for the CIA. He was seriously threatened and harassed, and the harassment included high powered pulsed beam microwaves (proved, not just suspected). He went to every sitting member of Congress at the time and not a single one would help him, even though many said they believed what he said was true. His affidavit given to all of Congress at the time was staggering in its implications.

The reason no-one in Congress would help him was the GHWB was the Kingpin behind all this working as a Cutout for the IZCS and City of London World Zionists (WZs), and had a complete lock on Congress, the Judiciary, the Alphabets, and the CMMM. Almost everyone was deeply afraid of his reach and ability to “neutralize” by deploying “wetboys.” Most of those that weren’t and proceeded to try to expose these “national security” RICO crimes were thus “neutralized” by the Bush Criminal Cabal. Danny Cassalaro was one of many of hundreds thus “neutralized” with a majority of them taken out to protect the illegal CIA drug trade run by the “Zapatas.”

There was a top secret “eyes only” list of approximately ten top “wetboys” who did most of the work for the Criminal Cabal stateside, at least one FBI, at least one US Customs, at least one DEA, a couple infamous Mossad (typically only the Mossad men would kill whole families including women and young children or infants as in the Ian Spiro case). One was an expert in loosening airplane props just enough below required torque ratings, or setting up pressure or satellite activated charges in cargo holds, others specialized in pumping CO2 into homes, some specialized in immobilizing targets with sprayed scopolomine derivatives, some good at applying DMSO with various poisons to auto steering wheels, some used very skilled deception like impersonating honest investigators while setting up a termination with extreme prejudice.

One was well known for this modus operandi. He would present himself as a concerned fed and then say “let’s go back to my car look in the trunk and I’ll show you some secret docs which may be helpful” and then a shot with a small caliber behind the ear and “into the trunk you go”, etc., but you get the idea. Another would plant little sticky radioactive disks under the seat of one’s car or spray a little “hot dust” into the heater/ac air intake. Cute huh?

This is what happens when your RICO Criminal Federal Government gets into the illegal narcotics trafficking business and gets addicted to huge off the books drug profits and unrestrained power. And that is the only reason the US Military ever went to Vietnam, and is in Afghanistan today, to protect the opium crop and make sure the IZCS criminal Cabal gets all the opium it needs for its world wide drug trafficking to finance its out of control human compromise/bribery war-making system. All this and even more is now going to be fully exposed which will crumble the power of these soulless creatures of the night like water being thrown on the “wicked witch of the east.” Yes, the curtain is now being pulled back, fully exposing the Wizard of Oz (as in Ounce of Gold) for the coward and mass-murderer he is in the full light of day. Watch these evil soulless cockroaches scurry for cover as the worldwide light of the Internet is turned on them.

This IZCS Crime Cabal has been the fountainhead of such massive corruption, murder and human compromise/blackmail ops of American Politicians that it is almost unfathomable and absolutely beyond the imagination of anyone who didn’t have close working knowledge of these inhuman, soulless scum. And AIPAC, the ADL, B’nai B’rith, SPLC and the like are the espionage fronts in America for this IZCS Criminal Cabal which is centered in the City of London Financial District and in Israel.

Two Boeing 777 sister ships bought at the same time and one leased to Malaysian Airlines and the other one kept on ice for this last-ditch “going for broke” false flag on the Nuclear Summit at the Hague, Netherlands March 24-25, 2014.

As these “deep source” rumors go, such a Black-Box radar cloaking device was installed on another “twin” Boeing 777 aircraft, a sister to the missing 777 of Malaysian Flight MH370 aka China Southern Airlines Flight CZ748.  This sister aircraft was “dressed out” to appear as the missing CZ748 and was to be used to fly into the Nuclear Summit at the Hague on March 24, 2014.(3)

The Flying-Bomb 777 was diverted from its target by the Dutch Air Force.

This flight heading directly into the Hague was diverted mid-flight by two Dutch Air Force F-16′s as it entered Dutch Airspace because it started showing up on their Defense Radar System but did not have any required transponder signals.(4)


Black-Box cloaking device was strangely and unexpectedly “neutralized”.

It is believed that the Black Box cloaking device failed and resulted in the flight being recognized on the Dutch Defense Radar System.  It appears that the Black Box was neutralized by interference or countermeasures also based on ultra-high-tech “Beyond-Black” alien technology. My view is that this was a direct action by the Tall Whites to back up their promise made to President Putin, “Don’t worry, we’ve got your back.”(5)

Allegedly this staged and failed False-Flag attack against the Hague was all part of a last ditch attempt to save the City of London zionist Central Bankster System by staging a major False-Flag attack against the Nuclear Summit being held in the Hague, Netherlands.

This blocked Israeli False-Flag was a colossal failure of EPIC proportions and likely signals a turning point in the unrestrained power of the IZCS and their hold on the American Military, Intel and even the political Process. Yes, it appears that the worm has turned. And this is long overdue. Stay tuned because all secrecy is ending and in the weeks and months to follow there will be so many secret phone calls released on the Internet and so many deep secrets that it will be simply astounding and far beyond what anyone can imagine. Just think how many deep secrets have been released the last year on the Alternative news sites like VT, Rense, and And certainly Stew Web has completely cracked open some of the biggest secrets of all about the Criminal Cabal and where they get their power and what they have had to do to get it, and keep doing to maintain it.

Has the failure of the NeoCon attempted False-Flag attack on the Hague signaled a major turning point in the geopolitical balance between the zio dominated West and the BRICS block?

Has President Putin shown his true abilities as a Statesman and Populist with the way he has effectively managed this Ukraine crisis so far? A recent short video clip suggests that President Putin is quite confident in the course he has taken managing this aggression of the West which was comprised of sending mercenaries and terrorists into the Ukraine to commit acts of terror, sniper murders, and to generate massive chaos to elicit another Color Revolution. Note the cool calmness and confidence Putin now exudes in this video clip. Then ask yourself if this top Russian leader seems afraid of America’s anti-missile system as he expresses his knowledge of its true purpose:

YouTube – Veterans Today –

Another short video clip where President Putin exudes confidence. Can you sense the desperation in Billary as she represents the last gasps of the Criminal Cabal as if it has been going for broke, knowing if it it fails in starting WW3 it is finished? After watching this just ask yourself if perhaps President Putin is referring to his new mach 9+ Sunburn Anti-ship Interceptor Missile system which fires volleys of missiles “hived” to a group mind created between the missiles as they fly in a pack, fully capable of micro-second re-targeting one to another and random flight patterns of zig-zagging, spiraling and near ground level flight below many radar systems? What has the public not been informed of that Putin is referring to here?  Is he referring to his new ultra-high tech “Beyond-Black” weapons systems perhaps gained from a new partnership with the Tall White Nordics, or is he also referring to his latest BRICS Trading Block success which, according to latest reports, has now captured over 25% of all world trade?

YouTube – Veterans Today –

Israelis boycotted the Nuclear Summit at the Hague.

Interestingly enough Netanyahu was not there to represent the Israelis, who do not want to admit they have over 200 nuclear devices stored at Dimona made from plutonium they stole from the US AEC.(6)

And also missing from this Nuclear Summit were the Russians, the Chinese, Pakistanis and Indians. And also interesting is the fact that Israel had stated that if the USG failed to confront Iran militarily, they would go it alone.  This statement was soon followed by an announcement that all Israeli embassies were being closed due to a supposed labor dispute, a likely narrative few accept.(7)

Israeli Embassies vacated.

This vacating of Israeli Embassies alarmed some top US Intel and Military experts who believe that Israel has used its Embassies to store suitcase nukes just in case they ever need to exercise their “Samson option.” Of course as the rumors go, new state of the art nukes are a-neutronic positron-based which give off no gamma rays or easily detectable emissions, making them difficult or impossible to sense with the normal gamma ray detectors of high flying Defense aircraft, space satellites or surveillance trucks or airport sensors.

Part 2 of the Samson Option planned but disrupted.

Some experts believe that a-neutronic positron nukes were pre-planted and deployed in the elevator shafts of the Twin trade Towers, one every ten stories and detonated from the top down one at a time at free fall speed. The thing about these lithium 7 positron nukes is that they convert matter to anti-matter and turn everything within range to molecular dust. Was Israeli defense serious when it said it would go alone in dealing with Iran?(8)

The American Military and Intel is essentially bifurcated, comprised of the old NeoCon establishment and the Newbies.  The newbies are the new kids on the block that realize that Israel and the NeoCons staged the 9/11 Gladio-style, inside-job, False-Flag attacks of 9/11/01. These NeoCons are the PNAC bunch who are run by the Circle of twelve, the Denver “Bloodthirsty Bunch” that Stew Webb has identified for the first time ever publicly over the last several years.


NeoCons, PNAC’ers and “dualies” are losing power by the minute.

Slowly but surely the Newbies are displacing and driving the NeoCons out of power.  It is now pretty well established that World Zionism (WZ) and its step-child the IZCS are now in their death throes and cornered like a rabid dog.  Thus the zios are very desperate and very dangerous, and still control approximately 96% of the US Congress and the Judiciary. But they have lost control of a good portion of the US Military High Command and American Intel.

FBI dumps the ADL and SPLC as anti-domestic terror consultants.

Despite its continued ownership of Congress through AIPAC which distributes massive funds to members of Congress, just recently the ADL and the SPLC have been removed from the FBI’s web site recommending these Israeli espionage fronts as anti-domestic terror resources. And there are now rumors that there have been secret indictments recently made against some top AIPAC officials, signalling a major change in internal US Policy. Other rumors suggest that the football is now under control of the JCS with Potus’s military aid carrying around a pretend one.

Every day more and more Americans find out that the 9/11 attacks were Gladio-style Inside-Job False-flag attacks and that Israel and NeoCon and PNAC Traitors and infil-Traitors did it.

Apparently there is a major struggle to maintain waning power being enacted by the Israeli espionage fronts inside America which include AIPAC, ADL, SPLC, B’nai B’rith and the like who are being exposed big time in the alternative media on the worldwide Internet which is now surpassing the Controlled Major Mass media (CMMM) every day in popularity. The truth about PNAC and the NeoCon Israeli-American dual citizen Traitors and infil-Traitors is spreading like wildfire inside America and the world as well as the belief that Israel is a terrorist Apartheid State that has hijacked and invaded America through its City of London private zionist Central Bankster System.

The whole world is now turning against Israel for its Apartheid against innocent Palestinians.

Right now the whole world is turning against Israel because of its Apartheid State and abuse, murder and land theft against innocent Palestinians, clearly crimes against humanity. And the complete hypocrisy of Israel always playing the “Holocaust” (aka”Fiery Sacrifice”) card against the Nazis while acting just like them is becoming obvious to all.

And now many are learning for the first time ever the truth that the NeoCons and PNAC’ers as well as all the Israeli espionage fronts like the AIPAC, the ADL and the like as well as the private central Bankster Systems of the world are being run by the world largest organized crimes syndicate, the International Zionist Crime Syndicate (IZCS).

The Alternative Internet on the worldwide Internet is decimating the CMMM which is little more than a propaganda arm for the IZCS, the NeoCons and the PNAC’ers.

Despite the fact that the CMMM is little more than a IZCS propaganda dispenser and propagates massive lies to keep the public believing lies about everything, the public is now learning from the Alternative Media that the IZCS is run out of the City of London Financial District (Rothschild zionists) and by its main action-agent Israel which flies the alien/human hybrid flag of lucifer. The IZCS hijacked America thorough its Babylonian Money-Magick central Bankster System back in 1913 and has increasingly occupied America through its appointed Circle of twelve, which is comprised of top luciferians, aka satan-worshippers who attempt to do human sacrifice two times a year in Denver in order to empower their own personal “demonic spirit guides” and attain more Psi power.

The IZCS, Circle of Twelve, NeoCons and PNAC’ers are working hard to feed their overlords which are negative energy vampires and cosmic inter-dimensional parasites.

It has been rumored from those close, that the more human suffering and painful mass death they incur upon the human race the more they feed their alien overlord parasites and in turn receive more wealth, status, fame and power. They believe that when they die they will become immortal gods. This is not true and they will be in for a very big surprise when they cross-over, a very big bad surprise for them and a very good surprise for those that follow the Golden Rule of “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.”

Is the USAF now at DEFCON 3?

And now the USAF is rumored to be at DEFCON 3 Readiness Alert level and may involve fueling up the planes and moving detonators into the aircraft.  The USAF DEFCON System is a five point System with DEFCON 5 the lowest readiness level, DEFCON 2 is put the B1B’s and B-52′s in the air, and DEFCON 1 is allegedly a green light to launch and fire everything.

President Obama stated in his speech at the Hague that his greatest worry was a nuke being set off in NYC.

“I continue to be much more concerned when it comes to our security with the prospect of a nuclear weapon going off in Manhattan”(9)

Was 9/11 the first installment of the Samson Option and a means to also advance the NeoCon/Israeli/City of London/Big Oil Mideast perpetual war agenda? It certainly appears that the IZCS/NeoCon/PNAC World Zionist (WZ) group went for broke with this hijacking of Flight CZ748. It seems apparent that this planned Boeing 777  false-flag attack was to be blamed on Iran by use of the phony Iranian Hijackers patsies and was intended to draw America and Russia into a nuclear war over Iran.

It was reported in the Israeli Mass Media that an Israeli Defense spokesman attempted to blame the missing flight CZ748/MH370 on two alleged Iranian passengers who became hijackers, but this was later denied.(10) Was this an initial attempt to set up Iran along with the virtual Iranian patsies inserted on the flight? And even more telling of the NeoCon/dualies’ plans to set up Iran with this impending False-Flag attack was the statement made to Greta Von Susteren by Joel Rosenberg that Iran hijacked the plane (MH370).

YouTube – Veterans Today –

Here is a slice of history during the Nixon Administration. This audio clip is from the Nixon Whitehouse Tape Collection and involves a private phone call between Nixon and Reverend Billy Graham, his good friend and consultant. During this discussion Israel’s and Judaics’ blatant crimes and oppression of Christians and Christian culture are discussed frankly. This conversation also suggests that for some strange reason Nixon’s Administration like all others until the Obama Administration have cow-towed to Israel.

YouTube – Veterans Today –

Has the USAF and USN “adjusted its targeting?

Perhaps the USAF has just “adjusted” its targeting to include Dimona, and perhaps the USN has changed its targeting to include the two German manufactured Dolphin subs (Israeli owned and operated) with nuclear tipped Tomahawk cruise missiles laying off the East Coast. This may have been done by the JCS, now that these “newbies” fully realize for the first time ever that the NeoCons, Dualies and Israelis did the 9/11/01 Gladio-style False-Flag attacks and are threatening more if they don’t get another Mideast war. And maybe they take Israel’s Samson Option threat quite seriously and now view 9/11/01 as the first Samson option installment?

Did the Tall Whites neutralize the Black-Box cloaking device installed on the Boeing 777 headed toward the Hague?

It appears that this plan has failed miserably. The best guess to explain all this is that the Tall White aliens kept their promise to President Putin to watch his back. It is important to keep in mind that the missing CZ 748 is still publicly unaccounted for and could be in play. It would be surprising if the NeoCons still proceeded with a backup plan and tried again selecting another target, but these folks are known for their hubris and their time is running out  as they are being exposed more and more everyday.

Addendum for those who have time and interest:

Recently declassified Top Secret Tidbit on the true source of US torture used in the NeoCons and PNAC’ers phony, imaginary “War on Terror.”

I try to include at least one Intel related item most folks are not aware of but would find interesting in my articles. Here is a recently declassified but relatively unknown Top Secret “tidbit” for those that are interested.  Ever wonder how the US Military and CIA got so deep into the torture business in their phony “War on Terror? By now most know that Israel and their hijacked/puppet outpost America are the world’s biggest terrorists and torturers. This phony War on Terror created in Israel and exported to America has taken America from one of the world most respected Nations to one of the most despised and hated.

Many think it was a novel practice started by VP puppet-master NeoCon Traitor Supreme Cheney with the help of two CIA Psychologists who were members in good standing of the American Psychological Association and supported by twisted perverted and illegal interpretations of the law by a completely “owned” corrupt US Attorney General “Pawn” and his cloned staff of US Dept of Just-Us attorneys.

Yes, this occurred but was not the origin of the US policy that secret torture was a preferred practice supposed to be kept completely secret from the US public and the world. The real origin of this CIA and US Army torture of many innocent so-called “Arab Terrorists (at least 50% innocent young men and adolescents kidnapped by regional warlords for large US paid bounties) was a a nasty little Intel facility dubbed “Camp King” near Oberursel, Germany during the Cold War. This camp was used from 1946 to the late 1950′s to interrogate and if deemed “necessary” perform serious and real torture on suspected Soviet spies using methods developed by the Nazis.

The real name for this facility was the 7707th European Command Intelligence Center. Camp King was used in one of the CIA’s most closely guarded secrets involving serious crimes against humanity which resembled Nazi war crimes. This should not be surprising to anyone who studies Camp king in depth because soon it becomes clear that the CIA used Camp king to test out Operation MK-Ultra, Artichoke and Bluebird.

Not too long after the end of WW2, former Nazi Gehlen (who was head of the SS) was appointed head of Camp King’s entire anti-communist intelligence organization. Numerous former SS torturers and murderers started working along side Rheinhard Gehlen and his organization and all were appointed at Camp King to carry on the same old Nazi interrogations and torture methods against suspected Soviet or East German agents.

These practices were approved by Allen Dulles, John McCloy and Richard Helms, the CIA Director. Once perfected these crimes against humanity were exported into the continental USA along with the Gehlen organization. With the help of Heinrich Mueller, this group was able to almost completely hijack the CIA. As time went on this so-called “Fourth Reich” Intel group formed a partnership with the IZCS and the WZ’s quite easily since their controllers were in reality the City of London Banksters and their franchisees on Wall Street.

The main new source of income for this new, expanded world-wide crime syndicate was from specializing in international trafficking of illegal drugs and weapons. This led to the nickname “the Company” when this Intel entity was detailed to South America to work under cover of a “banana company” in order to quash emerging populism of peasants who wanted to take their land back. As this group called the “Company” grew in power and depth of reach, it manipulated America into Vietnam to use the American Military and Intel apparatus which it hijacked to gain access to the opium of the Golden triangle, all disguised under dress of the “Cold War” or the “Domino Theory” of Communist aggression.

The strange thing about all this is that the very so-called Communist aggression they were fighting in Korea and Vietnam was fully set up in advance by this same group and financed by the City of London Central Banksters, Wall Street and the US Congress via absurd foreign aid packages to Russia and china such as grants for Tractor engines which coincidentally just happen to fit into tanks. This addiction of the CIA aka the “Company” continued and this IZCS craftily manipulated America into other wars on behalf of the City of London, Big Oil or Israel for protection of Big Oil pricing, weapons sales or illegal “off the books” drug money for deep cover black ops. Thus the American Military is now stationed in Afghanistan to protect the biggest opium crop in history so the IZCS can rake in many Billions from illegal narcotics profits.

This evil which arose in Camp king was never routed out of the CIA and also continues to this very day in various illegal secret foreign black prison sites and on secret disguised black prison ships.(11) As the Nuremberg Trials showed, these are serious capital crimes against humanity and cry out for prosecution and conviction of all those involved.

Despite all the insane and brutal torture used, very little real Intel of any usable value was ever gained but a lot of serious human suffering and death was produced. Only some of the top secret files on Camp King and “Operation Rusty” have been revealed, the others would be far too damaging to the CIA like so many of the deep MK-Ultra secrets that Helms worked so hard to destroy. Unknown to him, the typical bureaucratic practices insured numerous other copies filed away in out of the way USG locations to be found later on by mistake.

Are WZs now acting like Bolshevik red Cheka, East German Stasi and Nazi War Criminals?

Now here is the rest of the story and the strange contradiction. The CMMM typically represents Israelis and NeoCon dualies and zios as arch enemies of the Nazis and hate everything they stand for and all their practices of inhuman torture during WW2.  And yet American NeoCons and “dualies” have adopted the exactly same Nazi systems that continued to exist deep within the CIA and the US Army. And in fact more evidence is now coming out that Israel has been functioning like Nazis in their oppression, murder and massive land theft from Palestinians in what most of the world views as an Israeli Apartheid system against innocent Palestinians. Either this is the greatest hypocrisy in history or a complete identification with one’s image of his so-called racial aggressors.

The fact that Nazi Germany was built up by zionist City of London Banksters and their Wall Street franchises and Hitler was a British Agent mind-kontrolled at Tavistock Institute in London in 1921-22 might explain a lot. Yes, history shows that City of London World Zionists (WZs) have been the source of Bolshevik Communism in 1917, Nazi-ism in Germany in the 1930′s and Israeli Fascism in the 1940′s and beyond. And because we now know for sure that the WZ’s hijacked America through its zio private Central bank after 1913, it is obvious that the City of London zionist Banksters have been transforming America into the world’s greatest Terror State and aggressor, second only to Israel since WW2.

Are the Top Policy-Makers of America the Circle of Twelve and do they have a secret main policy which is an End-Game or final solution for most Americans?

Now perhaps the strangest thing  of all.  It has been known by insiders for some time that a very small number of Top Policy-Makers actually control the whole Secret Shadow Government (SSG), which in turn completely controls the USG, the Judiciary and the politicians. Obviously there is something seriously wrong in America with FEMA Camps going up all over the country, some disguised as Military bases and a new internal foreign run army DHS.

Perhaps Stew Webb is correct that the “Circle of twelve” folks are running the USG are a small circle of twelve super-zios that meet in Denver twice a year for their bloody human sacrifice ceremonies? This grim reality is beyond the imagination of most and incredulous to the extreme, however as Stew Webb has shown the evidence for this conclusion is overwhelming.

Most Judaics in America are secular and NON-ZIONIST, but many typically will pay homage to these hard core zios (WZs) out of a distorted loyalty and deep subconscious fear of annihilation by Goyim, but do not realize these international criminals (WZs) working out of the City of London and Israel and now inside the beltway in America.

NeoCons and “dualies” are actually working for the IZCS whether they realize it or not and are the source of all that is most evil in this world: inflation, all terrorism, most wars, most illegal weapons and drug trafficking, sexual slavery and sex trafficking, most pornogrphy, most kidnapping and murder for organ sales, destruction of the family and sex roles, dumbing-down and globalization of the educational system, and the promotion of perversity, diversity and political correctness (Neo-Bolshevik culture war against Christian and Deist American Culture established by the Founding fathers), etc.

Is a racial delusion and a deep demonic fantasy driving a secret Top Policy of the SSG which is and obsession to militarize the American police, construct numerous FEMA and Military Internment Camps across America, and build up the DHS, which is actually a zio outpost and foreign run army inside America?

Perhaps these top “Circle of twelve’s” deepest demonic fantasy is to load Goyim into trucks and take them to FEMA camps and do exactly what they believe was done to their people in Germany by Goyim? Of course many now realize this was the City of London WZ Central Banksters set up the Bolshevik Revolution in the first place, followed by the Nazi regime (Hitler was a British Agent)and then set up the whole Internment Camp situation and created the Holocaust (translated from old English as a “Fiery Sacrifice”). Were the Internment (work camps) in Germany which had plenty of non-Judaics interred there two part of a devious WZ plan to create a racial holocaust to be used to manipulate money and power from surviving Judaics and a tool to radicalize them to serve as their action-agents against Goyim everywhere?

Perhaps this group of twelve Top Policy-Makers are ruled by a demonic racial delusion that if they don’t murder all Goyim, they will eventually be murdered by Goyim? Is this the Top Policy that is determining all other political policy of the SSG (which is the invisible but real government). And is the SSG using this Grand Policy to determine all subordinate policies of the visible USG (which is the Congress, the judiciary and the Executive) that has little real power anymore?

Perhaps this group of twelve Top Policy-Makers has adopted this racial delusion and blood lust to kill every Goyim after asset stripping them and it is their main or Top Policy and functions as a secret policy. And perhaps this secret policy is now becoming a self-fulfilling prophecy which once again will bring their own persecution and worst fears into reality as the public starts to figure this all out thanks to the lightning speed that truth travels on the worldwide Internet.

Perhaps this is why these IZCS top Policy-Makers have been working so hard to build up FEMA Detention Camps and Military Detention Camps all over America the last twenty years and the reason for building up a large private IZCS run armed force inside America called the Department of Homeland Security (DHS)?

By now most readers should understand that if this Neo-Bolshevik zio City of London/Israeli outpost in America, DHS, is not stopped cold they intend to turn up the tyranny and oppression against all Americans they view as Goyim. Better to rise up in spirit and group mind and take our great nation back and start prosecuting these top policy-Maker RICO criminal Kingpins. Perhaps their self-fulfilling prophecy will become real and they and their compatriot “dualies”, Traitors and infil-Traitors will end up being arrested and placed in the very FEMA detention camps they built for what they view as “American Goyim” that fit their sick, demented list of “domestic terrorists” or “potential domestic terrorists” which includes Catholic, evangelical Lutherans, Ron Paul supporters, all Veterans, any political dissenter, tea party members, libertarians, tax protestors, war protesters, peace-niks, etc.

Interesting how these soulless bloodthirsty ones that meet in Denver twice each year for their “special ceremony” just happen to be the very thing they accuse almost every person whom they refer to as Goyim in America of being, namely domestic TERRORISTS. Yes, the leaders of this Criminal Cabal are the real domestic terrorists in America and are soulless and anti-human to their very core. And they are the biggest war criminals in history and have committed more crimes against humanity and mass-murder that any other group in the last 50 years.

Certainly until this is all sorted out with appropriate trials for Treason, Sedition (capital crimes) as well as their RICO Crimes and RICO Civil Banking crimes, as well as their crimes against humanity and war crimes, this would probably be an appropriate action and certainly justified under actual, true “National Security”, since these soulless scum are the biggest threat to America and the US Constitution and Bill of Rights and Rule of Law ever.

It is time for Americans to rise up collectively with a new mass mind and deal with this criminal, unConstitutional foreign operated zio/PNAC/NeoCon controlled DHS. If they don’t, the Denver “slicers & dicers” will probably get their way and its then going to be into the trucks, off to the FEMA Internment Camps and “bye-bye American Goyim” forever.








(6)  Jim Fetzer, Hour 1, Gordon Duff Hour 2, on Dr. Kevin Barrett’s Truth Jihad radio,





(11) Jacobsen, Annie, Operation Paperclip, Little, Brown and Company, C. 2014, pp.317-320.


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