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Posted on December 13, 2015
I recently received a tip off from loyal Fister Richard Hooper. He asked if I had heard anything about a secret military base hidden under Tasmania’s Mt Orion.

Now I have to admit, while the story sounded oddly familiar, this was one Tasmanian mystery I didn’t have an open file on. This was especially weird  because chunderfist69 was created when I had an encounter with an extraterrestrial coverup and I have always keenly followed Tasmanian UFO/Alien/Conspiracy/Military coverup stories.

So I jumped into research excitedly, but my enthusiasm quickly began to wear off as my experiences began to mirror the Brooks High Incident that cost me my job.

maxresdefault1To really understand the story you need a basic understanding on who Phil Schneider is. Phil is a very well known whistleblower in UFO circles. He used to work for the American military building underground secret bases,  and his father worked on the Philadelphia Experiment. He became well known for speaking out against the US government over their involvement with extraterrestrials. It’s commonly believed that his death was actually a CIA hit. You can read more about him here.

Anyway, Richard Hooper had told me Phil had written a series of articles about an underground base at Mt Orion, but they had been taken down after Phil’s death. I looked into this and could also find no articles, but I did find this on Project Redbook’s Website. Project Redbook is a database documenting hidden underground extraterrestrial bases around the world.

Screen Shot 2015-11-27 at 1.51.04 pm

Further digging uncovered this post on

Screen Shot 2015-11-27 at 1.57.12 pm

Clearly Phil had spoken about the base, but the articles are no longer available. I’m not familiar with Mt Orion so I looked at a map online. Interestingly many landmarks in the area are named after planets or other celestial bodies. When I found Mt Orion I was surprised to find this.

Screen Shot 2015-11-27 at 1.24.21 pm

Mt Orion of all landmarks in the area was marked as a point of interest. I clicked it to read the further information. What I found took my breath away.

Screen Shot 2015-11-27 at 2.08.38 pm

It’s description reads it is part of the UNESCO world heritage area which is true. But Peter Booth’s comment was what really surprised me. Obviously the marker had originally been for the underground base. 9 years ago the mysterious Peter Booth (who posted as a guest so I was unable to contact him) had changed the description. Clearly Peter had been doing research of his own and didn’t like that it had been marked on the map as a base, so changed it. Ironically his comment denying the bases existence was actually the only proof it had ever been there to begin with. Interestingly this also occurred after Phil Schneider’s mysterious death, just like the removal of his articles.

A few days later I was talking to a contact who has often helped me with research in the past. He told me to leave it alone and refused to help find information. This is very strange for him but he looked terrified so I didn’t push it.

The following day I saw 2 men in dark clothes parked across from my house. When I got into my door I discovered this…20151127_142141

My door-handle had been tampered with. I turned with my phone to try and take a picture but the car was already tearing off up the road. When I got inside nothing appeared damaged, but my computer was halfway through being formatted. Luckily I had backups on a drive I always keep with me.

3 days later I saw lights in my yard in the middle of the night. By the time I had run outside they were gone.

On the 6th of December I had a fresh lead, talking to someone who had contacted me on Facebook. While I was speaking to him on messenger I received a text…


From this point on I couldn’t contact the lead, he immediately stopped responding on messenger. A few hours later his entire Facebook account was removed.

You know what happened next?

I did stop. This was too close to what I had dealt with all those years ago. For almost a week I didn’t touch the Orion file…

11th of December 2015. I was at the library working on another project, when I found a book on Tasmanian Bushwalks. It featured walks in the area of Mt Orion, and before I knew it I had forgotten my other project, withdrawn the book and was already planning a visit to Mt Orion in my mind. I received a text…

Screenshot_2015-12-11-17-58-34Who is PB? My best guess is it’s the mysterious Peter Booth but I doubt it’s his real name. How did he know? Was he watching me? Monitoring my library records?

Later that night I was meeting a friend for dinner. 3 strong men approached me as I was walking through Prince’s Square. One pushed me down and they laid into me. They never said a word…

And so I find myself on the 13th of December, possibly about to make a big mistake. I’m driving to Mt Orion and posting this now in case something happens. It’s much harder to coverup something once it’s posted online. I encourage you all to share my story, but know that this does bring risks.

…another secret revealed chunderfist69

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