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Not sure if this means anything but it was sent to me……

I mechanize one’s physique, annihilate my historical all traumas. Crawl up! Creep up! Climb up! Self-mechanization! Be the most meaty meaningful anomalous mechanical mechanistic self.
その人の体格機械化し歴史全精神的外傷トラウマを絶滅させる。ずり上がれ!徐々に増えよ!徐行せよ!上昇せよ!登れ!這い上がれ!自己機械化!最も肉の多い内容充実有意な異常変則的異例例外的な機械の機械学自身であれ。 I shed one’s skull, sheer away one’s corruption, shield the one, come out of one’s shell, filter self, filtrate oneself, acknowledge a person’s services. Be the most echoic complaisant appreciable complement self. Self-ecdysis. Self-compliance! Self-filtration! Self-appreciation!

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  • Wolf says:

    Do you post everything when someone sends you something? Can you read chinese/japan stuff? Imagine… maybe there is just written some bs… “the dog dances till afternoon” or something… 😉

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