Wednesday, April 24, 2024

SGT Pattie Brassard – Elections, Solar Winds, Current Events, and Q & A

Pattie Brassard is a time walker who has the ability to manipulate the timeline without technological assistance. She has spent seven years as an SGT in US Army, US Army Reserve, and National Guard. She is a Former Cabal Corporate Insider at the NASA Space Center and Lockheed Martin, Polaris, Bell Labs, and Grumman updating their computer network. She is a Twin-Spirit Micmac Tribal Shaman which works with the etheric dimension. She is also a Mayan Blue Galactic Knight who are beings tasked with upgrading humanity with knowledge and healing. Pattie is running three bodies at the same time, the male version one of which is a super soldier who is working for the cabal, a female on the Nazi controlled time, and intergender on this timeline. She has worked in the SSP in dark fleet.

Todays topics include: The Q and A, 2020 presidential elections, Solar Winds Hack, Economic Shutdowns vs the NESARA timeline, Vaccination Agenda, Ascension Upgrades.

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