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Shadow Operations: The Mars Project

Nearly three years ago now, Project Camelot began work on a pilot for a television series on TruTV. The first major Project Camelot conference in southern California was a focal-point that attracted attention and brought this into being.
Ultimately, Kerry and Bill both chose to put the most outrageous and controversial information right into their pilot episode. I was filmed extensively for it, and my footage was used, but I’ve never seen any of it. Hardly anyone ever has.
Tonight — November 7, 2012 at 11PM PDT/EDT, this “buried treasure” will finally be unearthed and aired on TruTV — a mainstream cable television channel best known for “Conspiracy Theory with Jesse Ventura.”
I have to rush to publish this now, as the first airing of it has already started in the Eastern time zone — but it will air later, and will undoubtedly flourish on YouTube soon afterwards.
The network never notified Project Camelot that this show was about to air — after literally two years of sitting on a shelf. Neither did Project Camelot’s agent get any notification in advance.
In fact, were it not for an eagle-eyed Camelot fan scanning the TV listings, this whole event might have come and gone with nary a whisper of interest or attention from anyone.
As is always the case, videos of television shows come and go with astonishing speed when they generate a buzz. The following link may not last long, so “step right up, step right up, come and get it!”
Normally I do not link to bootleg copies of anything I’ve appeared in when it comes to television, such as Ancient Aliens Season 2. It is somewhat sad, as it appears to lower the total number of videos I’m in — but I do respect the advertisers and the network.
However, in this case the show was buried for 2 years, put on late at night, and no one was ever told they were going to do this, so we had no time to advertise or prepare. Under those circumstances, I am willing to air the pilot online like this.
Here’s the first version to have made it online. It’s not a very hi-res version, and there are a lot of loud sound effects that may make you want to turn your speakers down if watching on a laptop and / or with headphones.

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