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ShadowSuper Exopolitical Intel Report 7-5-19

JFK Jr.: Complicated being JFK's son (1995) - CNN Video

July 5, 2019

John F. Kennedy Junior was pulled from the 4th of July celebrations 40 minutes before he was due to share the podium with Trump.

According to a reliable Earth Alliance source, they withdrew JFK Jr at the last minute due to operational reasons.

Trump was furious and loud words were exchanged between him and Earth Alliance brass.

However, Trump admitted that it was for the best, given a possible threat from a Cabal sleeper group after the Earth Alliance found a number of HAARP interferometers nearby.

It’s likely the Cabal were up to their usual tricks after a number of severe storms in the area.

The Earth Alliance simply did not want to take the chance.

Also, it was agreed later between Trump and Earth Alliance brass that an appearance should only be made when the RV has come to fruition.

JFK Jr was flown back by the Earth Alliance to a secret underground base near Blarney in Ireland.

This base has a number of living quarters as well as a state of the art control system where he can ‘Q’municate with all the players who are fighting the Deep State.

The Earth Alliance are well aware of the disappointment that his has caused among those who have been red pilled but the situation was unavoidable.

Either way, the RV is close no matter how many temper tantrums the fleeing Cabal may throw.

More info as it arrives.


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