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ShadowSuper Intel Report – Operation Disclosure

ShadowSuper Intel Report

April 17, 2018

Submitted to Operation Disclosure | By ShadowSuper

After destroying the Cabal base in Country Cork, Ireland. The Alliance discovered more Cabal documentation hidden nearby, detailing top secret projects code named “Chaa Chaa” and “Leo”. These documents were encrypted but the Alliance were able to partially decipher them.

The projects appear to be a fail safe and ‘Plan B’ procedures should the RV ever succeed.

These documents clearly indicate even early on the Cabal were preparing to lose to the Alliance — Escape was the only mode of Operation at this stage.

Meanwhile the Alliance are desperately searching for the Mirader alien that is believed to be on the loose in County Cork.

A sighting of an unusual creature near Grenagh, County Cork, approximately 10 miles from Bottlehill was investigated but turned out to be a false alarm.

A source quoted a senior Alliance member as stating the RV is now close nothing can stop it — least of all the fleeing and weakened Cabal.


ShadowSuper Exopolitical Intel Report — April 17, 2018 ~ Operation Disclosure



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