Wednesday, April 17, 2024

She is Crazy

James….awww why did you remove the erin hicks post she so adamentaly cried about. She is crazy. and delusional. You have every right to keep your posts up. she is running her mouth on her fb page saying how you energy harvested her as she fought for you to take it down haha. She has a lot to learn about energy vamps, she in my opinion is one and sucks the life out of people who read her non stop complaining and outing of people. She is most likelya paranoid schizophrenic, she fits the bill and thinks everyone is out to get her and ONLY she is attacked. she spends most of her time bitching and outing people and putting energy into hate and being angry.borderline sociopath. She has no legal claims to put against you and a true lawyer would laugh at her claims. She needs to stop trying to be a guru and a bad one at that. And as far as Suzy, she is the black magic queen nobody else. clearly a follower, as soon as erin started rambling as usual, suzy jumped on those coattails and followed away to show her support. people pasting conversations and bringing up piddly little details as evidence is pretty comical. Erin thinks demanding things and shooting out orders on fb somehow legally makes her right. News flash, nothing on fb is owned by the writers and users, not one thing. read the terms. when you log into fb everything you write no longer belongs to you and not one lawyer can change that. She is burning bridges at an alarming rate. Erin Hicks cannot be trusted to say anything to because if you disagree with her she is worse than Anya, she will attack the shit out of you and try her hardest to discredit you. She is a wanna be and most readers frankly are tired of it. Sorry for adding this to this post but the other one was deleted. peace

Response ….. Thanks, removing the video seemed to be the best thing to do at the time. Regrettably Erin Green Hicks decided to put her children into this mix which in my opinion was not cool at all. However it appears Erin and Suzie using libel to attack me and I am going to politely request they cease using my name and my business name on any online post or legal action will be taken. 

“Libel – a published false statement that is damaging to a person’s reputation; a written defamation.”

As i read these posts on Erins Facebook wall it saddens me how these are the same people i helped connect up together,  did free regressions and meditations over the years and showed them the same love and encouragement we all deserve to have to find the answers we seek. It saddens me to see so many people that I love and care about turn on me but everyone has a path they choose to follow. 


Erin Green Hicks Ugly Rants.

Erin Green Hicks_rant on James_11.1.13 –

Erin Green Hicks_rant on James_11.3.13 -5

Erin Green Hicks_rant on James_11.3.13 -4

Erin Green Hicks_rant on James_11.3.13 -3

Erin Green Hicks_rant on James_11.3.13 -2

Erin Green HicksRant on James_11.3.13

Suzie Threadgill rant on erins page_11.3.13



  1. I never usually say anything abput this stuff I refuse to get spun into the gossip and turmoil of these things….accusations against others and fighting or gossiping is never the way to go….hopefully the person in question here learns this lesson soon…I wish them all the best….despite all of the vulgar and distasteful things they said about me also…avoidance of these types are the best route to keep the peace

  2. slander : An oral defamation, in which someone tells one or more persons an untruth about another which untruth will harm the reputation of the person defamed. Slander is a civil wrong (tort) and can be the basis for a lawsuit. Damages (payoff for worth) for slander may be limited to actual (special) damages unless there is malicious intent, since such damages are usually difficult to specify and harder to prove.

    that is what Erin Green Hicks is performing on her facebook page in regards to you and your company. Suzy Tredgill is also guilty of slandering you as well. You have an absolute legal case against them that can easily be picked up by an attorney. They MUST PROVE the wrong doing in order for the slander claim to be removed if you were to so choose to do that. They must have solid evidence that what they say is correct and legally just. They can never do that because there is no evidence. What she appears to look like is a lunatic who does drugs and publically discusses it in public. Not too smart for a parent to do when you have minors living under your roof. People who buy into Erins non stop lunacy are simply goyim allowing her to capture their energy.

    If you James wanted to press charges on them you have a good case against them.

  3. Its only slander if its not true you idiots. From what I have read and seen, its all true.

    The funny thing about all this is that JAMES started all this and James alone. He is trying to lie and do everything under his power to claim he didnt….but he did. And if you knew Suzie you would know she is not stupid, ignorant, or a coat tail rider and neither is Erin. I suggest you all grow up and take your mothers panties off because this crap is getting as old.

  4. First off, you must prove that they have…NOT the other way around…Otherwise you don’t have a case to begin with. I wish people would stop acting like lawyers when they don’t have a clue and just Google one definition. You don’t have any case. You were asked to take the video down you refused..It wasn’t until you were threatened with a law suit that you did…It was your own actions that caused this mess.. As far as slander, if it’s true, it isn’t slander..All I see here is true..So good luck with that non existent lawsuit..Any real judge would look at all that you post and laugh! You post smut 90% percent of the time, you expect it to be all roses with responses? Get real, apparently you don’t have a clue.To argue back with others in this fashion just shows how immature and unprofessional you really are! You’re trying to make a name for yourself and your ridiculous BS that you promote..You act like people are going to gain some divine intervention by buying one of your ridiculous neo cubes, then price them thousands of dollars..You purely money motivated..Any with a brain can see that..You pray on those who may be confused with their own experiences and turn them into something that actually not…..Someone who can’t recall any memories of his own, only ones from hypnosis probably doesn’t have a leg to stand on..You make experiences of any kind look bad..Until you change and ask for forgiveness to those that you’ve hurt by twisting their stories into your own you’ll never been seen as anything more than a money hungry POS….Oh and to other people who want to respond, hell at least Spell and Grammar check..Ya’ll look like idiots when you can’t even capitalize a freaking sentence. Instead of spending time on this crap go back to school you may learn something.

      • LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’ll say what I want, where I want, when I want.Besides, you never told ME to stop.. If you can’t take the opinion of someone else get out of your profession quickly..

        • Okay in case you had failed to see it . DO NOT CONTACT ME AGAIN. ANY MORE MESSAGES FROM YOU OR YOUR BOZO FRIENDS WILL BE DELETED. I have allowed you to talk about this IN A reasonable manner but instead you went on with tit for tat attacks bringing up issues unrelated to original complaint. THE fact YOU even had the nerve of getting your children involved in the process to attack me is SHAMEFUL. I HAVE LOST ALL RESPECT FOR YOU AND WANT NOTHING TO DO WITH YOU.

        • I’ll just tell you who I am..Lindsey Mian..Like I care? You’re nothing to me..Never was to begin with..Like I said before you can’t take a opinion get out of your profession. I wont stop anything..I’ll make it a point to come here everyday now..There is nothing you can do..You run a blog post smarten up..If you can’t handle the heat get out of the kitchen

  5. Clearly you must know that only a judge can determine that. She must prove with EVIDENCE not hearsay (hearsay is not admissible in any court in America) that his Neo somehow is the absolute cause of her woes and stories she tells. She must prove that it is his company, he himself and the neo that is endangering the lives of her family. she cannot and I’ll tell you why.. because meditation, meditation devices and anything under that umbrella falls under Pseudoscience which is nevernrecognized in the courts. So in order for her claims to be taken seriously she must first convince the entire legal system in the country to believe pseudoscience is legit in the first place. Same reason hypnosis falls in that catagory, not recognized in law. Nobody said anyone is stupid or ignorant, were dealing with highly programmed individuals, very clever individuals. To a judge could easily appear not in a “sane” manner. James on the other hand has a legitimate legal business and that is being attacked in a slanderous manner. Doesnt matter what anyone “feels” feelings are not recognized in court, only facts. Everything being said is hearsay and the most dramatic person in this is Erin. She has created and maintained more drama in the last 4 months its like she cant stop its pretty sad how she lives her life out on facebook by her own choice. Bottom line, they are slandering james company and nobody gives a fuck about her sob stories its like the little boy who cried wolf, nobodys coming anymore.

  6. OMG james rink needs help. He is saying these people slandered him and on the same page he has a story called “she is crazy”…rofl. I suggest that all you Rink followers educate yourself on all that he has done, you dont know the real story and just look foolish commenting now as a “Johnny come lately” observer.

  7. James is the facilitator of the healing that is needed at this time. He is a true white-light warrior fighting tirelessly against the darkness, oppression, and slavery mechanisms. He is what is needed to help bring us into reality of an utopian future we all want. Please support his efforts!


  8. Erin can never sue him for posting something she posted in a forum in the first place which is owned by facebook not her.if anything the original person who wrote it should be bullshit at Erin for spreading it in the first place. Also She can never sue him for comments other people make about her on youtube. she would need to take that up with youtube. And what makes you think Im not a lawyer haha. If James presses charges on her he is the Plaintiff, it is then HER the defendant who must prove her claims of him doing all this hearsay psuedoscience allogations to her, not him proving he didnt lie. She agreed to do an interview. She knows how this shit goes, she is very familiar because she attackes every single person who interviews her after the fact. So if she has a special request or a term to change in the terms and conditions of the video of having to see the video or pre-view it before its released she must state that in her terms before she even makes the video. You people act like your asses are all hurt when you see the final product, you ALL know how these interviews go, if you agree to it then dont be a baby after the fact and cry you dont like how you look in it, etc. (not liking how you look due to the fact youre high on drugs will sound GREAT in court LOL) its rediculous how many women especially are fucking whining and crying about their interviews when they know full well what it all entails. The ones who should get out of the kitchen is the damn babies crying about their interviews. Stop slandering people AFTER the fact you fuck up something in your own opinion and then blame other people. ALL you assholes who want to discredit James ALL are aware of what can happen in the peanut gallery after you do these videos so stop doing them and save us all the drama of your whining. Start researching copywrite laws and slander laws, understand and SELF RECOGNIZE your own slanderous behavior. James is legally in the right.

  9. blah blah blah…watching nothing at all. lol Its not about the interviews, lord, its about his behavior. If you had the whole truth you would understand that. What your getting is some cry baby version of Rinks as usual. Think about it, 0.o

  10. Your rebuttles are so well thought out. you reference the “lord” a lot. please keep giving people clues as to who you are. What you need to Think about is the fact that what I say is correct in the legal world and if you knew how to properly search facts (since you have a new definition for slander) you could verify that with a few swift clicks of your mouse. You may choose to analyse my words all day long but the facts are the facts. It is not about me it is about you and what all of you allow the world to see of yourselfves. Your use of slang helps one decipher just who one is without even seeing who they are. I am basing this all on what people choose to allow public, no cry baby stuff here, all the law . I never said I dont believe in the powers of meditation and the cube but I know for a fact its not recognized in a court therefore she can never ever prove he in any way has caused her any harm. I challenge her to try to sue him lol

    • I think the main point that you clearly missing is that he was told to take it down numerous times, and chose to ignore those requests. Anyone with a shred of decency would just comply and chalk it all up to a learning experience. Whether you agree or not and for whatever the reason may be if you wish not to have your information posted somewhere by someone else you do have the right to ask to take it down. Anything about lawsuits wasn’t even brought up until he didn’t comply to those requests..We can guess who each other is all day long..Does it really matter? You won’t reveal yourself so why should others? Another part that comes along with running a blog site..If you can’t handle it don’t complain.. And by your own definitions he’s chosen to share the same things, there is no slander here plan and simple..Stop going on about his money making cube, any with a brain doesn’t care..A judge would look at all this and laugh…Last and final point, if your professional and care about someone elses feelings that you’d just do what they asked to begin with and be grateful enough to allow it in the first place.

  11. Anyone can ask anything that is true but legally does not mean he has to take down anything at all. He has been threatened with lawsuits before clearly you dont know this. He is very aware as an interviewer what his rights are and what they are not. I mention the cube because Erin had made note to say it was the cube that is evil, please refer back to her rants. Its all in there. The fact is her claims are bogus and because he has a real legitimate business that he pays taxes on, he has a much bigger claim because she is quite frankly causeing a ruckus and defamation of character to damage his reputation and his business, She is calling for people to stop buying his product. So go get a damn dictionary and really study the definitions. You DONT know the meaning of slander clearly. Also brush up on your right of usage laws and copywrite laws then get back to me. The judge would be laughing at Erin the drug using mama and her allogations his lil device is harming her. HAHAHA wish I could be there to watch that judges face.

    • She can say whatever she wants if she believes it…Still NOT slander…If she feels it’s real….SO YOU need to brush up clearly..It’s not slander if it’s the truth, and for the only way for a judge to decide that one…well…they wouldn’t…You think the judge would look at this in a serious manner? They have real issues to deal with…clearly you’re unaware of that fact..And completely missing the point where I said if he had just taken it down to begin with there would be no issues WHAT SO EVER! A fact that you A, either can’t through your thick head, or B, choosing to ignore because you think in the end you’ll look more intellectual.. Even posting this makes him look bad…FYI I care about neither of them…So I’mm looking at this issues on the outside and based my opinion from what I’m seen..This is in NO WAY professional..There for in my opinion isn’t much of a business..

  12. I hear Erin is now calling out for a Lynch mob on James telling everyone to go to this blog and tell him what a liar he is etc. etc. Smart move,that will be fantastic evidence against you Erin if needed. She is proving to not be so clever after all..

    • No dear…I said for them to let him know he’s wrong in what he’s doing. No lynch mob here-I said for NO ONE to be mean to him. I knew his spy would come back to him like this. I said for them to speak truth to him IF they felt the need to defend me-but to NOT privately message him in any way anymore and I said for them to NOT email him-nothing. But that if they have a distaste for what he is up to-let him know on his public webpage. That is what he’s asking right-with comments….I did NOT call a lynch mob. Very funny you think so. I have his friends list and I’m going one by one deleting all who’s friends with him and me. This will stop. I will find you and delete you. Then I am not accepting another friend. I put this to rest and JUST invited them to read his latest post and let him know, like you’re letting the world know. James has way too much time on his hands. This, like the post you are referring to, will be the last time I address this publicly. I said nothing wrong in that post. And ALL I’ve said can be verified with others-as he’s done this to others. The claim on the neo cube was brought to me-so I am NOT the only one. And others have already publicly said that the cube does what I say it does. So he’s pinning a claim on me that hes heard for a LONG time. You’re showing your colors yourself whoever you are-and I know the game being played. No more harvesting my energies. James needs to go relearn how to treat people. You seem to be just like him-an energy sucker.

  13. “Rink has posted again so much on a blog post-I invite you to go to that post on his blog and let him know how petty and vile he is. But whatever you do-do not bombard his phone, his email nor his facebook anymore. Leave it on his blog for the world to see. No more sending him private messages. I want that to cease, please and thank you. But you are all free to see his pettiness. He is again putting my kids in danger by posting this blog he did. He is inviting the death threats to me again in a very public way. He’s creating revenge and chaos again because he’s butt hurt-please you little spy tell him I said butt hurt-let’s see him sue me for butt hurt. ” your exact words…. Sounds pretty defamitory to me a communication of an opinion based false statement that harms the reputation of an individual. So deleting all mutual friends, wow that shows true energy put forth on your part. Way to be exactly what you preach youre not, weak.. Im sure ALL people connected to him and you are all clearly harming you, delusions again, its so programming of you to eliminate all if you cant find just one. Ultimately its of no loss to anyone if you feel you need to delete your friends list then you will nobody cares really, thanks for letting us all know. Its all entertaining at this point.

  14. I have not a care how many friends I have…you seem to think I care about friends or fame like James. I have my family-so that in a nutshell is all I need. But I will fiercely protect them. You are laughable to think this shows my character in a bad way. This shows that I called off my dogs. James invites them to his webpage with these posts-they ALL already knew about this and I had several messages that this was here already when I woke up. So they already saw it. James asks for it. It’s not the other way around. I told a bunch of truths about him that others can back up. Nothing I said is defamatory because I can prove it all and I can have many people who will say what I say about his cube, about how he acts, etc. You are only putting fuel to the fire yourself. Yes, I take the energy to get rid of all mutual friends-that shows I am willing to keep the negative away. I am willing to take the time to ensure my and my family’s safety. It’s shills like you that prove my point about James. You’re furthering my case, not his.

  15. Please prove it all. You wanted an open forum for all to see so you have it. Please provide to everyone your evidence that James has self handedly done to you what you claim he has done. Thats all we want. That is all anyone in this wants for all of us. You make large claims, Prove it if you say you can. I am not James facebook friend so you can do all the guessing you want it makes no difference his page is public so I dont need to be his friend.

  16. Then you have a spy on the list giving you info. It doesn’t matter-ask around….google it. Ask around-you do YOUR work on it to learn. You want proof you look for it. There was a man who smashed up and trashed his neo cube after buying it-the $2k model. Because he started getting abducted after receiving it. James is wrong-you do start getting abducted even if you’ve never been abducted before. My youngest daughter never had grey abductions. That thing got into my home and boom she’s getting them right and left. I’m sorry it doesn’t fit into how you want to see James. I’m glad he has such a good friend-but you’re misled. Grossly misled. You want proof-you look for it. I’m not your secretary. I’ve told you my proof-it’s not up to me to out people’s names. That is their business-Neo Cube is not registered with the BBB. So it’s not even a legitimate business. You bash me, but you don’t do any homework yourself. It doesn’t matter that you aren’t on my friends list. But there is someone giving you and James the stuff-and my guess is you are James yourself. You are James pretending to be someone else. Hello Agent Sabertooth. Yep, LMAO. On to you again……

    • There is a 30 day money back guarantee with any neo cube. It makes no sense to spend $2,000 on a neo cube and wreck it because of alien abduction when the buyer could have notified the manufacturer of a refund request.

      • Grey abductions are HORRIFYING at times. That person probably did not want anything more to do with it, including getting his money back. Most people who’ve been getting these abductions are smashing them up and disposing of them James. You need to stop saying they will cure cancer or anything else. You say I’m defaming you on this-where is your proof they cure cancer-where are your trials on this, where is the proof. There is none. You will sooner or later incur a lawsuit making such claims. Someone will try to cure their cancer and it won’t. And you know it won’t-and on top of it they’ll get abducted. Maybe you do not realize it yourself-but your harming others. Or you do know. You have planted this in the house of nearly all of us. It’s black magic plain and simple with the hair in it. I cannot believe I allowed one into my home.

  17. Wanna know who i am? Guess, thats right its Suzie. I tried to rebut jame’s lies on here about me, i never could because he blocked me, just like he blocks anyone on you tube that tries to ask for info. He posted my name saying i was raping some woman with a 12foot reptilian. BTW its the same woman that i was going to see in Atlanta with James. I never had a cross word with this woman.

    I could not go because of several reasons, the final straw was me catching him in many lies and his 2 faced conversations about people he was putting videos up with. Someone that talks about someone like a dog then the next day is all buddy buddy with them is not someone i want to waste my time with.I still have the 200.00 bus ticket in my drawer that was non refundable. I had a visit and was shaken up by it the day before i was to leave. So i made the judgement call not to go. I called both of them and talked to them, i thought things were fine. Then I got blasted by James Rink, its odd but for 3 weeks me and others could see his rage and jealousy brewing to the max level over Felton’s drawings, stories and our friendship. The tipping point for James is when i asked him in a PM to please not use my private postings on his website with out 1. asking me first and 2. giving me credit for “quotes” of mine he copied and pasted. Thats when he got pissed off. why? because he knew i caught him in a lie telling me that felton said it was ok to use it. Felton never told him that at all. It wasnt the first time Felton had caught Rink in a lie either. Felton told about some missions he was on and Rink casually included himself into the missions. Felton told him that he was not there so it was comical to see it wrote up as some big mission of Rinks when we knew it was all a lie concocted by Rink.

    I was never rude, mean or cruel to James. He on the other hand he is a 2 faced asshole that told many lies on me and my 2 friends to many people just because he was jealous and pissed off i told him in a private messege that his work was like that of the National Enquirer. He was jealous over a friendship (and still is) with Felton. He called Felton tons of times at 5AM wanting him to do work for him, remote view govt. files. James never calls anyone unless he wants something. As soon as he gets it, he is gone. He got pissed off at me because i could not go to Atlanta to meet him for a half a day…

    We should start a list of people that has been wronged by james Rink, seriously. Anytime anyone dont pay his way through life and feed his ego he goes bonkers on them making up all kinds of derogatory lies.

    This is for all the James Rinks in the world…You can be the craziest window licker on the short bus and i dont care, but when you start involving me in your deluded lies, thats when we have a problem. His vindictive lies to people about me was the final straw!

    He wants to claim he helps people ect. its all BS in my opinion. How does he help anyone but himself?

  18. Oh and for the record folks…no one sent him this post he’s put up on this blog…ALL the words are James’s words…him trying to gain sympathy. He’s calling for my healing-when I’m fine. The only problem I have in life is an asshole problem-his name is James Rink. I am healthy-mind/body/soul. And quite happy. James was the deciding factor in how it ALL played out. You can follow how he acts-but that shows you are as much a sociopath and psychopath as he is. For him to do this over and over and over to people is the sign of a sociopath. The complaints on him outweigh any good said about him. He wrote this blog and all in it-no one said a word to him here. And if someone tries to claim it know it’s still James with another email address faking it. We have his number…if he’d stop and just admit what he’s done and ask for help he’d have a bit of respect back from me-and others. But he’s not willing to do this. He’s fake…and so is “Agent Sabertooth”.

  19. Oh pardon me Erin for not responding immediately to your delusions again I had to eat my lunch. I dont live online like yourself. I see you assume Im James now hehe I am not James but this is getting fun to see you scramble to see who I am. You stated you had Proof of him personally doing things to you, what you describe is an alien abduction which again I challenge you to approach a judge with this information in a slander lawsuit and explain this to a judge. The entire reason I am even commenting on this in the first place is because you are slandering a persons business and character based on your personal opinions in the eyes of a judge or court of law. I am not suggesting anything other than I want you to prove what you say. Make a claim and prove it. All this jabbering on about bad things that happened to you there is no way you can prove its the neo cube or james that causes that to you if in fact it happens at all. You cannot speak for others they will need to come into the conversation themselves. Why dont you all together join forces and sue him as a group, make a facebook page so we can all follow the progress of that. My point is its all Psuedoscience in the court of law. doesnt matter what anyone thinks we still have to live by 3d laws in real life. You cant ask me to look for the proof of your claims on james because thats your responsibility. Do you think in a court of law the jury is supposed to gather the evidence for the case? no thats your job. I dont ask you to be my secretary Im stating if you claim something it is your responsibility to prove your claims, it is not my job to research your claims of something that cannot be researched. A Story is just that. It may or may not be true. and if it is true how can you prove James has anything to do with it. You absolutely cannot do that in any way. And if you can please enlighten us all…and get your list together of all the people he has wronged, Im sure they would like to be dragged into this as well. Im only replying at this point because you are.

  20. Looks like you do live online. lol Who are you anyways and to be frank, you dont know what went on here, your just assuming things. Your calling Erin delusional? all the while sticking up for Rink? Boy, thats rich.

  21. James never apologizes to anyone and thinks they need to apologize to him. Instead of just saying that he is wrong and or just moving on he takes it to a whole new level by inventing lies to hurt the person he gets mad at. And all you mindless idiots believe him and feel sorry for him, he is a 32 year old man for piss sakes!

  22. I know exactly what goes on I watch it all. And have for a very long time. If you read all my points you will know why im here. It is because I am sticking up for James I prefer not to use silly names like you all do. James doesnt neet to apologize for one thing. If you choose to continue to slander him I suppose I have the right to continue to defend him since you are all wrong and dont understand actual law. Prove the claims Erin. Prove them.

  23. No Erin I am not anyone named Bridget. Who is that? Another person you want to call out for doing something to you? Why dont you not worry about who i am and go be with your family instead of being her ant not proving anything.

  24. This is BS you , Erin and Suzie was good friends until they caught on to your con artist ways. Then you go and blast them on the internet and will not talk to them as a man. That’s some hoe shit dude. Erin, Suzie and all other super soldiers are the real deal. You need to stop playing victim and be a man and apologize to them and work things out, but no not rink he has an ego. Its not fair to us supersoldiers to get regress by you and look up your info, we need to know about ourselves than you. All the super soldiers that I ran across has cuts, bruises, memories and scars from their torture and missions and where are yours? don’t worry i’ll wait for a lie from you. Tell your audience of you being ass raped on a regular and oh yeah btw I made you rink kill yourself in the astral world you little bitch cant get pussy if it was in your lap. Oh yeah you Bridget go eat a dick Mrs Door knob Smith everybody gets a turn on you. Your losing your fanbase rink why are attacking them when people allover you tube and other sites blasting you. Be a man and accept your faults and apologize to people who you fucked over just because you get fucked in the ass that doesnt mean you fuck over people with your lies.

  25. I’ve been watching this thread for a while. I’m usually on this website a lot, reading and I must say its amusing to see how all this plays out but you guys forget that in these things no one wins! And not to mention that there is a 3rd person involved which in my opinion may have been the catalyst which is the woman who wrote the anonymous letter. This reminds me of a 3 sided coin. This is like a soap opera, in the next episode we will see if James Casbolt ever received the letter and in episode 4 James responds to the anonymous letter, stay tuned folks!!

  26. Come on Erin you can do better than that. I dont even know who that is please flood us with your intel on this person you think I am. Youre wasting your time and going mad pondering over this.

  27. Awww man, I never comment on anything and when I do, it doesn’t get approved??!! And it was a good post too. I hope this one gets approved , all I was sayin was in these types of fights nobody wins. I can see relate to both James and Erin’s side of things and I think that there’s a third party involved: anonymous letter lady. I’m anxious to see how the story turns out, will Michael Prince read the letter and will he respond to anonymous letter lady? This is more entertaining than the watching the Kardashians.

  28. No I am not a troll. I have legitimate questions for Erin in regards to her claims she has so adamentally spread all over her facebook page like a tribute to James all day long. To clarify to Erin, I said I am not james fb friend I am your fb friend so if you want to delete all your friends to find lil ol me please do. Erin has made claims of being a targeted individual for her whole life and long before she met James Rink so why is it now after she meets him is all of her bad experiences somehow his fault? How can someone prove anything that happens to them is to the fault of a meditation device? If people have bad experiences its more than likely its them and not the cube. I have a cube, those things have never happened to me. Claims of there being black magic involved in the making them as well are all hearsay, you need evidence. solid evidence. You all have quite the little hen session on Erins facebook page all building each other up like its girls night out. Making assumptions that I am James lol and that you have it all figured out. Lets go back to the beginning, you are all slandering James business. Whether you like him or not thats what youre doing, you are calling out for people not to buy his product and speaking about being tough and opeing up a neo and burning the hair as if you are performing some sort of ritual yourself to rid yourself of it, lol. Bottom line is if you slander another persons business or character in such a way they lose business then yes they absolutely have a case against you and any lawyer in America will attest to that. Its so true its in the pure definition of slander. So you can fantacize all day about how you want James to be evil and make up stories of how bad things that happen to you are his fault but in the end its all your own faults, its your life and your path. James is not responsible for your happiness or your sadness so take control of yourselves and stop the slander. Youre only making more publicity for the cube and this blog anyhow.

  29. I do not know who you are but you have the advantage of knowing who we are. If you want to discus the facts with me that is fine. That seems to be in little supply lately with James and his slanderous statements to people. Many many things has gone on behind the scenes for a couple of months that has upset several people and it all stems from James Rink. I know for a fact that i would never say anything about someone unless it was true or about someone else unless it was first hand info that was told to me by that person themselves. I am not into gossip or hearsay info.

    Its very disconcerting for Erin, Felton, and myself to see things go on like this page and others James Rink is behind only to ignore, lie,,block and deny everything he has done when we know the truth. It would upset anyone wouldnt you agree?


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