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SHE-Visitors to Earth with David Chace (October 19, 2013)

As a researcher and illustrator, David Chace brings his biology background to interviewing people who are contactees and experiencers of alien abduction.  He interviews and draws what people have seen while asking questions based on work done by others in this field.  Giving a brief history of UFOs and abductions in the United States, David Chace gives an overview of types of aliens most often described.  He focuses most information on the Greys and the Reptilians/Reptoids. The producer is aware of and has experiences many numbers of people locally and in other states who are interested in these experiences and relating their own experiences.  This is a good presentation of showing the current information available for the beginner and the longterm experiencer as well as for those who wish to seek other perspectives to these events in people’s lives.


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