William Tompkins, a whistle blower from inside the Secret Space Program, has recently made an appearance on Cosmic Disclosure, confirming the existence of a “Twenty and Back” program. The “Twenty and Back” program is said to “age regress” the subject (forced or willing), and deposit them in their original timeline, shortly after the time of their abduction. This is how the Secret Space Programs have, purportedly, populated Mars and Moon colonies, among others. This allowed them to gain the amount of personnel needed, without alarming the public with mass disappearances. Multiple people, claiming to be part of a “Secret Space Program”, all have accounts of this process. There are some discrepancies in the stories about how the age regression process works. Considering that hypnotic regression is one of the techniques commonly used to recall these memories, one might chalk this up to the fickle nature of memory itself.
Something strange is going on; of that, there is no question. Please enjoy the video clip of William Tompkins’ account of the “Twenty and Back” program, and the commentary provided by Reality Brief.