Hello James =)

Hope you are alright and that all is good.Enjoy listening to your videos.

Your last video was interesting, have heard similar info/message from other people that your guest shared.

If you decide to go off planet with someone you do not surely know I would like to tell you this.

(quick side note, personal thought) You have maybe heard, that some scientists saw a difference in ones aura field when a lie was said compared to telling the truth. As you know not everyone can see auras on this planet.

When you are in contact with higher dimensionals you should(I believe) follow Tanaaths instruction and I quote:

“Additionally, if you have contact with spirit entities, it is entirely within your right to ask them, point blank, if they are of the Light and are there to serve your best interests. Ask each three times. An entity that IS will answer you unambiguously and without taking offense. Anything that gets evasive or gives you answers like “of course I am, don’t ask me again” and doesn’t give you a clear, unambiguous answer three times – be suspicious. Those that serve the Light know what’s at stake here, and usually understand how difficult it is for those of us incarnated in the 3D to operate and discern and will not take offense to this. Those who are trying to deceive you will typically get falsely affronted or try to divert you.”

This message is posted on her webpage Silverlegion.org

And quick quote from that page about their organization

“Members of the Silver Legion come from multiple planets, dimensions, realms, and even universes. Some of us even come from universes that are currently considered to be fictional by earth humans”

(And also might be interesting to hear)

“The Silver Legion is an organization committed to defense. In other words, we’re a peacekeeping force. In some ways we resemble an army – we have a hierarchy of command and a rank structure, and organize by subunits such as squads and companies. In other ways we do not resemble a conventional army, largely because we are made up of individuals working together.

Some of our members come from species and races that are typically very dark-oriented; these individuals are usually renegades from their societies. To them, the Silver Legion represents a place where they can feel safety and acceptance for who they are; a place where they are not judged by their origin but by their merits. These are some of our most dedicated members. Others of our ranks come from species and races that earth humanity currently considers mythical. Of course, many of us are humans – some of us from other dimensions and realms – but there are incarnated earth humans who are among our ranks who are able to project to our astral location and work on assignments) ”

She’s the highest ranking human incarnate from that group, I really like listening to her interviews and If you have time (or if you have to take it πŸ˜‰ please check out at least the two below videos.




If you want more, below channel is packed with videos of her material and other related people.


Everything Cosmic and Universal videos and the talk with Vince are packed with fun info, hosts and other people appearing on the shows can be a bit irritating at times, but if the info is real it is worth it, either way I do like the stories real or not.

I hope you are ok, you seem like a nice guy. Take care much love. Peace!

Feedback Response Update

James, I must tell you, you are a sincere person, but Silver Legion is psy-ops(CIA), but you can send this message towards them, Tanaath, Sunfire, whom both are shape-shitters ( I call ’em that ) because there lying pieces of shit, and they….. will shit themselves, when facing our warriors Red, Golden(Draco), Thelians, Ta’l, Alah-Kur. Tell all these names said Hi, remember Silver Legion and your fellow supporters, this is not a WAR this is an Extermination. Don’t expect us, within 5 minutes or within a month of time, expect us any second of the day, not knowing when we STRIKE, but we do STRIKE, just like your MOON and Mars bases are in our hands.