Selamat balik, As I stated in one of my parallel blogs, which covered events of the Rendlesham “UFO” incident, Sirians use personal hover-suits, deployed in a triad, when engaged in dangerous diplomacy…. During the Rendlesham event of 1980, ET liason personnel were protected from physical harm, during tense negotiations, within exo-skeletal, personal hover-suits and wore a type of “wrap around” eye shade, of a style almost identical to the large eyes of the Zeta race, albeit, those naturally small beings wear black contact lenses over their natural almond-shaped eyes…In contrast, Sirians are humanoids and do not possess eyes as large and wraparound, as those of the Zetas…Their “sun glasses” do cause earth witnesses to assume though, that they are of that well-known race, on occasion.. Such a personalized roving device (“veleto”) for dangerous diplomatic missions, is bullet proof and explosion proof and used by reduced-size ETs…It has a helmet, which allows cybernetic control by it’s ET occupant and will glide gracefully beyond the ship, to meet the military liason reps. That veleto control helmet appeared to Airman Larry Warren, as if the ETs had “vast craniums.” However, fellow USAF witness, Adrian Bustinza, did not assume this to be the case and recognised a little more of the actual detail, than Warren did….. Note that “veletos” are deployed in threes, as the scoutships, likewise, deploy in defensive triad formations.. Under the veleto, standard jumpsuits are worn and in accord with GFL colour-coding, personnel of the Sirian star nation (akanowai dajoie) wear white. Sirian wording for their white-toned and smooth to the touch, special jumpsuits, is “metraknen venabu.” This literally translates as utility wear…..Their white high boots are of the same smooth fabric as the suit, itself…The belts are “military style,” worn over the navel and around the waist…Sirians do not carry comms devices, but use telepathy….But they do carry healing and monitoring devices, hand held, which can be attached to belts… Sometimes neuralizer weapons are carried on belts and these are small compact metallic baton-shaped devices, which protect against attack by hostiles…Like the fictional Star Trek, they are often set for “stun.” The material the boots, suits and belts are made of is tough like earth military-issue kevlar…but much, much lighter….It is skin tight, but allows perfect breathing of the skin…..No zips, buttons or fastenings, it is removed and placed on, by hand gestures over special imbedded sensors….located in the chest area…These suits are adaptable to outside temps and regulate, accordingly….If you were in a -40 degrees celsius environment, you would be warm, apart from head and hands….However, there are also special metallic helmets for protection too and gloves…As stated already, they use special goggles, when near T-MAT transfer ready landed scout ships and probes…This prevents opti-retinal burns exposure… Normal landings and departures do not require this protection, though….When craft deploy tripod landing legs.. Bullet proof, acid proof, NBC proof and also fire and freeze proof…..The material of the “metraknen venabu.” is extremely versatile, and makes these jumpsuits standard issue for all Sirian personnel on active service duties…. Unlike earth jet pilot pressure suits, Sirian jumpsuits do not require to take the stress of G-force in flight, as there is none…..No on board inertia, during even the most amazing 45 degree turns and zig-zagging aerobatics…. We hope you found this of interest…. A couple of points of note, the artwork depicted above shows a Sirian couple, in fairly well rendered jumpsuits, but the belts shown are too narrow. The second point is that the landed craft in the background is a Plejaren beamship, rather than a Sirian craft. Selamat gajun akanowai dajoie….!! Col. Drekx Omega, Cmdr, GFL Ground Crew (Eastern England Sector) Read more: Follow us: AshtarCommandCrew on Facebook