Wednesday, April 24, 2024

Sleep ,Sleep, Sleep

James Do you remember when I contacted you a few days ago I wrote you and said “I got another implant on my collar bone. This one is visible through the skin and I can move it. How often do you get these?”
Well after I sent you that picture, they came. I was paralyzed but managed to get out of it.  A man in a black CIA like suit materialized in front of me trying to grab my hand. I couldn’t see his face but he looked human. After I saw it my parents just woke up because I was yelling. I could not yell at first but I fought the paralyzation and then got out of it. Holy fuck shit man. I think they are monitoring me talking to you. Omfg the dude was laughing in my head. I felt his hand it was real and I was sleepwalking.
I couldn’t move and then I heard my dad run in and the intruder ran through my wall. I was so fucking freaked out I didn’t know what to do nor could I sleep as my adrenaline was pumping.
At first I wanted to take his hand then his mind felt sinister and I could feel his evil. He laughed in my head fucking with me and then I started struggling. They tried pulling me back into alter but after I got out my dad  turned on the light and the paralysis turned off and I looked like a fucking retard in front of him. I told them I had some weird fucked up dream and they believed me and told me to get the hell back to sleep. They went back to bed and that’s when I texted you “Sleep, Sleep, Sleep.” What would I say that? I didn’t write it but I remember watching myself do it then I woke up the next morning with my cabinets open and my CD’s are all gone. All I had was music on it I don’t know why they would need that shit.
Now you are aware you are being used as a monarch you are able to break free from their mind games and snap out of the paralysis. I am proud of you and keep resisting. They take pleasure in tormenting us in an almost sadistic way. But that is just a cover deep down inside they are scared shitless, scared of what we can do and how powerful we are if we choose to fight back. I would recommend not to share your experiences with your family unless they share unusually experiences of their own. Most of us live with families who are heavily controlled or clones who are programmed to keep our minds fractured.
I don’t know why you said “Sleep ,Sleep, Sleep” three times, it sounds like a almost robotic reaction as if your mind has been programmed like a computer. My friend Nathan wilder had the same thing some of  his alters  thought they were a computer. The good news is a computer does what its instructed to do So you may want to meditate and ask that part inside you to integrate with you and help you remember what you are not supposed to see.
I don’t know what to say about the CD I think they just want to fuck with you make you feel hopeless. But don’t worry we can work on trying to locate your CDs and get them back eventually. I also got the same problems around here. They stole 6 months of journal entries and medical records from my house. Truth is soon technologies will be released to uncover any hidden knowledge so by fighting the changing tides they soon will find themselves underwater.
My friend taught me a method to close portals in my house. These portals are usually located over doorways, windows, or staircases.  Basically you need to hold your left hand down and right hand up then spin your right hand in a counterclockwise position repeat Luke 10:19 out loud.
“Behold, I give unto you power to tread on serpents and scorpions, and over all the power of the enemy: and nothing shall by any means hurt you.”

When I did this exercise an hour later they came and cut me and later that night I woke up with a bloody cut on my lip see picture. So honestly I really don’t know how to stop them but we got to keep trying. Another individual suggested put orgone between the current of a taser gun. But i guess that only works if you know they are coming. Problem is for me i been programmed so that I wont be able to detect when they are here. And even if i could detect them they simply paralyzes us .  Either way I wont give up trying and you shouldn’t either.


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