James I hear what U are saying but no thanks  dude would rather do the usual meditation methods really … There’s so much shit being passed around the web and I know U and casbolt are making money from other peoples similar events… If the federation of light would done summat like that it wouldn’t cost a single dime/pence…im not saying im a dis-believer coz I knw there’s summat out there so U can cut the marketing clap trap rite out if U “truth seeking fakers” spent more time looking at wats actually real then that wouldn’t be to bad ….. Oh yeah 1 more thing these regressions U do WTF DUDE THATS SUM LAME SHIT RITE THERE DO THIS DO THAT GET YOUR IPAD OUT ASK THEM IF UR FUCKING GAY

 You poor thing….. maybe you should say lurn to spell corektly and maybe sum1 will take you surelously

“Why am I a poor thing ???? Ha ha ha U have just been laughed at and named as a BIG DIS-INFO guy check megawatts bases 29 she hit the nail on the head where your concerned… It is funny how U av only just popped up on the scene now U have seen the real people making $$$$$$ and thought it was time for U to make sum from your “””CUBES””” and as for your regressions U implant things into peoples heads .. Your nothing but a posh boy weasel looking to get rich so U call yourself a SS get fucking real….hope they realise wat a fraud U really are ..have U seen ur self in a mirror wat part of a ss are U supposed to be ur a fucking idiot”

There are always two sides of the coin. I been talking about my experiences since 2005 and was thrown in the mental hospital for speaking my truth and sent a bill for $25,000 because i believed helping those who have no one to help is more important then protecting my own personal comfort. Its so easy to judge another as you safely sit behind your computer. I have paid the price for speaking my truth. What have you done?