Written by AR Bordon not even a month before his departure…….

“A whole different ballgame, mes amis. Who are the combatant commands in the US military command structure. One you already know about, which is the one that counts! Let me put it this way: there is an Earth consortium of nations funding the real space programs (plus a few power groups with lots of megamillions of euros and dollars); these are the guys that train and provide the manpower for 27 very large ships capable of reaching Andromeda (the galaxy) in about two weeks.My numbers may be a bit off, but the crucial ones are dead center. This is one consortium. Then there is another consortium – of extraterrestrial groups! This whole thing is more or less of a partnership, boys and girls. Some of you got advanced copy of early versions of blog materials. It gets MORE interesting as we go along. The integration is incredible! The good news: not everything is bad or in the nature of a conspiracy. Secrecy, yes. There are forces at work, fellow travelers of which there is yet no mention in the public domain. These are some of the things, Alan, eliro wanted to bring out but was still muzzled!

There is a whole lot more, but you’all have to wait. There is so much information and so little time!”