Monday, July 15, 2024

Sore Throats and Blood Injections

Note i been out sick with a sore throat for nearly 6 months now. This was relayed to me today as a possible reason.
“James your blowing out your thyroid gland in your throat every time you swell up into Sabertooth. That’s the reason for the sore throats and such. You’ve got so much testosterone and other hormones going through your body when you change, that when you back to your smaller size your like a bodybuilder that is withdrawing from anabolic steroids. . Your endocrine system is all fucked up from the Shape shifting. Wouldn’t surprise me if you are being given hormone and human blood injections everyday to keep you healthy and in homeostasis.
Right Leg – August 16, 2013


  1. there is something else going on. your blood is being synthesized as a cure for a disease spreading on 7 planets. It is the same one that Lorien Fenton had in the 1990s, te popcorn looking substance in her lungs. Aaron McCollum and I traveled forward to 2010 and took a sample of your blood and went back to cure Lorien. Your blood has saved millions of lives across the galaxy. But! — your blood can also be wrongly used and weaponized, which it has been by the Tall Whites and mantoids.


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