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Soul Matrix Chair

Soul Chair

From William …….

Hi James look they have soul matrix chair now. It is similar to a trip chair also they have a soul gun as well now. This is very important as they possibly found a way to destroy the soul it seems. The chair is made of what looks to be cubed crystals very clear and see through. It is the same for the guns. I know I have one pointed at me. To which I just rolled up my eyes and said well do it if you are going to.

The crystal cylinder type structure is imbedded as one giant piece and contains a pinkish tone. When an individual sits in it they turn into a transparent white color. Nearby is standing another transparent person looking down at the person in the chair, they are both looking at each other. The chair is big so a slim person can sit in it and there would be plenty of room.

The guns are made of the same thing. Now I have worked before with the new grey mother ship crystals finding flaws in them, which had to be replaced. But this is not the same type of crystal, it looks blockier. They have got to be careful in showing me this sort of thing unless it comes from the same grey types in the military. Because if I get hold of those crystal weapons and chairs and know the composition of what makes up these items it will be trouble for them.

They also knew that I would know what it was made out of and what it is and what the gun is and how it works and is made of. That’s why I rolled my eyes up when the gun was aimed at me. I had said to the person with the gun well do it and by the way that thing is nothing.

I have sat in the soul chair and had someone say that I was there favourite. I was transparent like the other person. James I am surprised that they have me see everything they do and what they are up to. I suppose they want me to get the information out there well knowing full I would anyhow. Interesting aye. It is like they are playing god or saying well we can do this we are the gods now. But they are not and that is where they are still at.a

Now the thing is if they combine all of the chairs into one you have one mighty weapon let alone just having one of the four chairs. And for that it would be all crystalline and there would be a resting piece for the head. And it would be on a raised Dias. I also believe that there would probably need to be a visual screen. Because to operate such a chair you would have to have one of the highest telekinesis possible. Unless it is really easy. When it comes to crystal technologies you’re in the league with the big players.



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