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8/8/98   KORTON

Good afternoon.  Commander Tomeros Maasu Korton here in Light and in service unto Holy God.

It is amazing to witness how your media dances around facts and twists them to resemble vague references to events as they ACTUALLY transpire.  With our help and guidance, may you be given insight into your adversary’s plans to dupe an entire populace of uninformed humans as they ready you for THEIR VERSION of your so-called Apocalypse.

Since it does not have to happen as they have programmed you to expect, is it any wonder why no one “in charge” admits to having any knowledge of or being part of the conspiracy of The Lie?  If the masses of you-the-people have the short end of the stick (and you do), then just by knowing how someone else has set up your future (and consequent demise) there will be generated in your desires and thoughts the idea to have things turn out differently then your slave masters have planned.  This energy flow is, in itself, enough to effect change.

Whether or not that change is measurable by you, or betters or worsens your plight, is dependent upon what you think and do once you know this information.  It is the conceptcontained within these teachings which allows you the ability to manifest your own destiny.  And it is that awesome Creative Power which the elite parasite group is endeavoring to keep from you.

This is what is meant by “knowledge is power”.  And is nothing less than the power to loose you from your bindings of ignorance, thereby steering your nation and world back from the brink of self-destruction.


Ignorance is not bliss and, in this instance, will get you killed!  Keep in mind that the whole of your physical world (which includes a small portion of the invisible world of coalesced gases you might refer to as “ghost particulate”) is influenced by, and compromised of, thought energy.  It is this process of “electrical imagining ” which sets up what you experience.  KNOWING PARTICIPATION and MONITORING of those thoughts you allow to pass through your brain vastly affects the conditions of your perceived reality.

In other words, if your visualized interactions with your fellow human beings, are mostly harmonious, respectful, loving, and centered on GIVING and RE-GIVING, then your own personal life experiences will reflect those ideals.  That is why your media is filled to overflow with images of ignorance, sex, and violence; it preoccupies your subconscious thoughts with destructive negative images waiting to pass through your brain.

At Britain’s mass-behavior-modification think-tank called the Tavistock Institute, “social scientists” discovered that human beings can be conditioned and programmed just like a computer.  The methods of such programming remain the most secretive, YET MOST WIDELY USED, “quiet weapons” your evil manipulators have ever used against you.

By exposing target populations (which are ALL POPULATIONS now, as you are being readied for Global 2000) covertly and gradually to repetitious conditioning by visual, audible, and NONPERCEPTIBLE suggestion, they never realize they are being manipulated in their choices and everyday activities–not much different than oxen attached to the yoke.  This EFFECTIVELY,programs you to react to actions and suggestions in a manner not initially realized, nor necessarily desired, by you.

Remember:  this is the part of you that is readily perceived and is that portion of your personality that causes you to be liked or disliked by others.  Just as it is not God’s will that you are filled with the desire to “sleep around” in your quest to be loved by another, “love”, as you define it, is not God’s definition of the act of divine union.  The only thing you are going to find from this kind of search for fulfillment is disease, suffering, and death for you and the unwanted babies that will be the result of your “choices”.

The moment that sperm penetrates the egg, LIFE IS BORN.  Murder (abortion) is not a viable remedy to fix your so-called problem. Man has no right to take ANY life, and that also goes for your convicted murderers on death row.

You have the right to protect your societies from those who practice wanton savagery on innocent citizens, but man is not the originator of human life; that is the exclusive right of Creator Source!  So you are not the ones to administer murder as a punishment.  Given the fact that most of the real crooks are on the outside of your jails (which are being used, ever increasingly, to silence Truthbringers and ones who act, in an unwise manner, against the injustice system), I do not have a solution for you until you get those crooks out of positions of power in your courts and elsewhere.

You have come a long way–straight down–as to keeping crime and corruption in check.  Those who misbehave now outnumber those who follow the laws of the land.  In the days when evil was not so prevalent, lawbreakers were cast out of their towns and communities to wander in the wilderness, alone–and it was considered a harsh punishment to be shunned by your people and family.

Indeed, such an approach to punishment was most effective in those days because your morals and belief in a just God were instilled in you by parents who were not yet infected by modern-day governmental regulations dictating how you should live in the home.  You were not so over-populated then; the people lived and governed among themselves; it is called Common (sense) Law, the law of the conscience.

Constitutional Law serves to give your overcrowded and underdeveloped societies the chance to maintain peaceful coexistence among your many and diverse peoples by attempting to put Common Law into written form.  So what happened?

Enter: the influence of the Serpent People, the dark elite controllers.  These ones gave themselves that label, Serpent People, and throughout your human history always you’ll find references to the snake as the great tempter of mankind (unfair as this is to the reptiles).

You are not born to hate or wanting to go to war over the tiniest excuse.  Creator did not demand that, in order to “appease” Him, you go and kill that He may be glorified.  Those are satanic thoughts, chelas (students), and it is the evil one himself who directs the media hounds to bombard you and your children with these images for you to emulate and otherwise condone.

Know HOW the game is played and WHO it is directed at, and you will be a long, long way out in front of the pack.  There will come a time when the veil will be lifted and the “Beast of the Apocalypse” will be illuminated by the Light of Truth and his deeds will be as writing upon the walls for all to see.  Let them who have eyes, see and those who have ears, hear.  If you are not informed about what is taking place upon your planet and what her history is, you will not be able to “see” the writing, much less understand it.


There are many who still find it unbelievable that mankind has perfected the technology to manufacture (not create) human beings.  How do you know your President was not killed in the Capital City shooting?  There are gunmen unaccounted for and unmentioned except for a slip or two early in your non-news coverage of events.

You already have a tumbling system which connects your White House and Congress (as well as other important buildings) to such as Camp David–A “JEWISH” FACILITY UTILIZING THE NAME “DAVID”, NOT KING DAVID AS YOUR SCHOLARS TEACH BUT DAVID EL ROY OF KHAZARIAN MYSTICISM AND TRICKERY.  THIS IS THE CHANGE-OUT FACILITY WHERE POLITICAL SYNTHETIC BEINGS ARE “BORN”.  Is it such a far stretch of the imagination to move the body, or bodies, out through one of those tunnels and within the hour manufacture a replica of Mr. Clinton well enough to make a statement from Camp David by phone?

Don’t laugh, you readers who are new to this source of information.  How many of you caught the mention of tons of ammonium nitrate stolen from Colorado?  This was many more times, the amount used in the Oklahoma City federal building “bombing”–and that was only a cover blast for the methods employed to actually bring the building down.

As the scripted story unfolds, it does make for a convenient excuse to blame WHOEVER is chosen to be found guilty of (may I suggest?) another pending assassination, this time not just your President, but Vice-President, Speaker of the House, members of Congress, and others of your chain of command.

During the afternoon ceremony for the White House officers who were slain, a well placed bomb–not even a very big one–would have effectively left your nation without any command structure.  As a sovereign country, you would be finished, literally in an instant, as that which is ALREADY WAITING as replacement is much much worse.  Remember your adversary’s goal of a One World Government BY THE YEAR 2000–a lot of drastic things have to take place in a very short period of time.


Time, as you measure it, is not how we of the higher dimensions “keep time”.  We look at sequence of events to see where you are in a given lifestream experience.

Man would do well to make use of his Higher Self to watch what is unfolding (with deadly accuracy)–the plaques, famine, civil unrest, threats of war, just like man-scripted prophecy has told you it is going to be.  You always ask when to expect the Photon Belt reactions (you are already experiencing the outer fringes of those rays), or how long do you have before the Stock Market devours your assets, or will “Jesus” (Esu Immanuel) return soon?

Chelas, look around you.  You do not need someone else to tell you what is coming.  Just as animals of the field know when a storm is approaching or something different is in their sky, humans have the capacity to innately sense danger in their own environments.

Iraq is back on the scene (it never left) as the starting place for Nuclear War One, as the Bolshevik false “Jews” (not Godly Judeans), who secretly control most all of your government and military, prepare to openly initiate excuses for plausible use of atomic weapons.  If that doesn’t work, Mossad (Israeli Intelligence) nuclear terrorists are ready to detonate weapons on behalf of “those fanatical Arabs”.

Keep in mind that the Bolshevik-dominated Israeli government wants to use stockpiled U.S. and Russian weapons among their arsenal, to detonate bombs in all the Arab countries to rid themselves of their “enemies” and take possession of those oil fields.

Kosovo, a fully planned and set-up powder keg courtesy of Kissinger Associates political consulting firm, is poised to be the catalyst for YOUR INVOLVEMENT in another World War.  Steven Spielberg’s Saving Private Ryan does not show the horrors of war to stop you from wanting to fight another one (as the film makers suggest), but rather is preparing the American people fora war.  The story upon which the film is based is about the true incident in which all five brothers were killed, a mother’s loss of her babies, and legislation passed to prevent this tragedy from happening to another family.  An anti-war film would not glorify a “heroic battle, rallying American fighting spirit[?] to go back and rescue one man.

That is not to say that one man’s life is not a most precious and important reason to rally together.  However, this is not what is being instilled in the minds of the viewing public.  It is the desire to GO TO WAR that is being cultivated–just in time to fit The Plan.  You older veterans who remember how you got yourselves into that war in the first place, should know that Kosovo IS A RE-ENACTMENT OF THE BEGINNING OF WORLD WAR II.

How do Russia’s “bear from the north” and China’s “dragon” fit with prophecy?  These are the Mongols and the people of “Gog from the land of Magog”.  How feasible is it for them to come into the fray?  Wake up, chelas: who do you think are Saddam’s two most powerful allies?

You have all the ingredients for your Armageddon scenario to happen in a quick sequence of events that could occur over a period of a couple of years or IN ONE DAY.  A sequence of events does not have to be spread out over any set period of time.  The “sequence” can happen simultaneously in your perception; you have no way of knowing the exact hour when these things will come to pass.

Not even the Son knows of the moment his Father’s commencement of the “Second Coming”.  None of the participants in God-Aton’s magnificent cosmic play, including the Hosts, are privy to WHEN Creator will make presentation.  But look around you: the clues are here!

You can almost hear Clinton’s “Nero” playing that sax as Washington’s reincarnated Rome burns.  Neither his August 17 “live” statement, nor the Whitewater or Lewinsky escapades are as they appear to be.  Whitewater is just the tip of a massive crime empire involving drugs flown into U.S. military bases, murder of cartel members who operate outside the cartel, witnesses and associates being suicided to prevent them from talking, and major land stealing that involves not just a few innocent citizens, but such as the RTC (Resolution Trust Corporation) and the BLM (Bureau of Land Management)–and the subsequent confiscation of ALL PRIVATE PROPERTY from you-the-people.


Your elite factions all have nuclear weapons of varying yields.  Meanwhile, you ordinary citizens have no way of knowing if a nuclear explosion has in fact occurred, if they don’t want you to know about it.  You are not allowed use of equipment that detects the radiation.

Moreover, the effects of below-ground detonations are not familiar to the masses.  YOU STILL BELIEVE THOSE TREMENDOUS AND SUDDEN GRAIN ELEVATOR BLASTS (AND THE LIKE) WERE FREAK ACCIDENTS.  THEY WERE PLANTED, UNDERGROUND BY AGENTS OF THE KGB.  (Or whatever letters they are using this month.  NOTHING has changed with Soviet militarism or covert intelligence operations, no matter what your blackmailed politicians tell you about disarmament treaties and the “death of communism”.)

To cover their tracks, the Bolshevik faction controlling the so-called Clinton Administration arranged for their visible puppet-masters to have an above-top-secret backup plan which includes plausible escape routes through tunnels to Camp David or any other “cloning” facility.  The escape technology utilizes underground train systems capable of traveling several times the speed of sound (more wondrous technology kept from the public). The connecting points are often underground human replica centers such as nearby Camp David or more remote locations like China Lake Naval Weapons Center in the California desert.  (And by the way, the weapons at China Lake are not so much the “innocently” explosive kind that you-the-people would generally imagine, but rather, very sophisticated mind-altering and mind-destroying “technotronic weapons” such as those referred to by former National Security Advisor and Club of Rome dark elite cult member Zbigniew Brzezinski.)

Ones are worried about Long Beach (Harbor) Naval Base becoming a Chinese operation.  What “trade agreements” might have been drawn up utilizing inland China Lake and other facilities with direct access to the Pacific Rim?  THE RED STAR SURREPTITIOUSLY PLACED ON THE CALIFORNIA STATE FLAG IS NOT JUST FOR DECORATION, FRIENDS!

These rapid transportation tunnels also connect other bases in California, as well as bases in New Mexico, Colorado, and Nevada’s infamous facilities under such as Groom and Papoose Dry Lake beds.  FACSIMILIES OF “IMPORTANT” PEOPLE CAN BE ANYWHERE IN THE COUNTRY ON VERY SHORT NOTICE!

Nuclear materials (and their tremendously damaging effects from weapons and other experiments) are in great use in these remote locations.  Your government has even carried out time-travel experiments in these areas because the large expanses of flat, undeveloped lands (mostly belonging to your Native American brothers) are ideal for testing a vehicle designed to output enough energy to displace space and alter its position in your perceived time-line.

Keep in mind that all material things are composed of compressed energy and that “time” is only created through thesimulated condition of motion.  Even perceived movement is an illusion; your senses electrically create that sensation just as the still frames of a “motion” picture appear as a continuum.  (Remember: Creator’s universe is a “cosmic cinema“.)  Time-shifting experiments are carried out in these remote locations to minimize the danger of materializing in the middle of a past or future civilian town.  The BLM sees to it that your government will always control those lands.

This is quite and oversimplified discussion of what your scientists have managed to accomplish.  Other wondrous things exist on your place.  However, with the confiscation of works and papers produced by such as Nikola Tesla, coupled with the greed of your parasite class (of elite money changers), it was long ago decided to make tremendous profits rather than correctly utilize more advanced, cleaner technology.


The advancements in genetic engineering, as incredible as they may seem to you who have been kept in the dark, are greatly surpassed by the vehicles developed in secret to ferry your elite controllers around in the skies and LIMITED PORTIONS of space above your heads.  Meanwhile, you have a whole bunch of replicated aliens ready to play their role as occupants in remotely-piloted or computer-programmed vehicles that defy flight characteristics of conventional aircraft and rockets.  If your government does not want you to know that humans are behind these Earth-manufactured craft, then do they not have to manufacture other-worldly occupants as well?

There are more-terrestrial-looking craft that will be allowed to have information “leaked” about them to the masses.  Some, like the Aurora, a TAV (trans-atmospheric vehicle), and Britain’s efforts at antigravity applications to craft they are developing, will allow your uninformed world populace to believe in the superiority of these nations as being the ones who have technology closer to the staged “ET” visitors’ machines.  By secretly controlling what technology they want you to think they have, public manipulation on a planetary scale becomes the result.

The SR-71 Blackbird, a CIA spy-plane (your government can’t seem to make up its mind whether or not it is in or out of retirement) is the fastest craft you are led to believe man has developed.  Its true speed capability and operating altitude are not even hinted at, as even Jane’s Aircraft (the British expert publication on military and civilian aircraft intelligence) alludes that all your experimental and fighter jet aircraft seem to have trouble going very far beyond Mach 3 (3 times the speed of sound).  [Editor’s note: I, (E.Y.) have it on very good authority, from the realm of “in the know” professional air traffic controllers, that the SR-71 is listed in the confidential military specification literature they have to read as a “Mach 5+” machine!  I would pay very close attention to that plus sign.]

From the very first PUBLICLY KNOWN flight of an airplane, in 1903, all the way to the Blackbird, and beyond, with your X-planes, you’ve made incredible advancements in not only aircraft speed, with records breaking one after another, but in innovative and exotic propulsion systems and building materials.  So how come the daring “push the envelope” boys at the “Skunk Works” (Lockheed, Northrop, EG&G and the like) have all suddenly still come to a standstill?

Your space program still (publicly) uses thrust systems that are more then half-a-century old, with no advances in propulsion concepts–not even with the Space Shuttle.  Does this not generate curiosity?  How could it be that the populace should be so sleepy and unquestioning?  [RM: Speaking of questions we should be demanding truthful answers to; why is it that the NASA Space Shuttle program has been shut down and all (known) existing space shuttles decommissioned and now in museums?] 

Here is where the tyranny of mind control, through the so-called “education” system, is most effectively employed–all the way through the college and graduate school levels.  This “dumbing down” of the masses will–through technology alone–create a god-man mentality where the elite parasite class function as the self-proclaimed new “high priests” of your new millennium.  This same situation existed before the fall of Atlantis, by the way.

Fifty years ago the evil magicians consolidated their power for the last important part of their domination plan.  THIS PLAN CALLS FOR THE USE OF SPACE-CAPABLE SHIPS.  AND FOR THE PAST FIFTY YEARS OF COUNTDOWN, TO YEAR 2000, NEWLY CREATED AGENCIES WENT TO WORK ON THAT PLAN!

YOUR U.S. AIR FORCE (now U.N.-Israeli controlled), CIA (created largely to deal with the “extraterrestrial problem“).  NSA, STATE OF ISRAEL, AND UNITED NATIONS WERE ALL STARTED FIFTY YEARS AGO TO BEGIN THE IMPLEMENTATION OF THE “GRAND DECEPTION”.  (By the way, the NSA was established a short time after the CIA, by a National Security Council, to take over the CIA’s originally mandated duties.  Central Intelligence was then relegated to debunking and manipulating UFO stories and legitimate contactees.  Mr. Bush inherited a CIA that was also tasked with secretly acquiring great fundsTHROUGH VERY ILLEGAL DRUG-TRAFFICKING OPERATIONS, which would then be used for extraterrestrial projects.)

1900 years earlier was the time of the evil magicians’ acquisition of gold AND YOUR INDOCTRINATION TO GOLD WORSHIP (you should have heeded Esu “Jesus” Immanuel’s warnings about idol worship).  Right now is the time to bring it all together, and thus are there being readied the bits and pieces of sleight-of-hand technical trickery in keeping with MAN’S limited awareness of “fiery chariots” and “silver wheels”.  After all, the dark elite believe their gods deserve magnificent craft too.  How better to pull-off their plan than with such mesmerizing distractions!

However, there’s the other side of the coin too, friends:  These terrestrial technological advancements–no matter how sophisticated they seem to the formed–are mere toys compared to accomplishments of the Hosts of God-Aton.  That is why you are not allowed by your world governments to witness our craft openly or even know of the sheer numbers present around your little emerald orb.

The size alone of a starship, larger than the Earth if made visible to your eyes, is sufficient to cause questions among the awakening masses about WHO may be charlatans.  Could we do that (make a ship visible?)  Of course.  But what of your free-will choice?  Such demonstration upon you people-of-the-lie AT THIS TIME would serve only your adversary.

Does God have ways of making presentation so you will not run in fear?  Of course He does.  But that is not how YOU want the “rapture” to unfold.  Your religious ministries are preparing you for something much different, AND EVEN THEY SHALL BE FOOLED ON THAT DAY!


Anywhere in the world your political leaders can be backed-up by a synthetic replica or robotoid with the use of incredibly fast (to you) aircraft.  The “single seat” SR-71 spy plane of course has had a second seat added to later versions so it could be used to ferry doubles of politicians and elite power brokers to places they are not supposed to be–or in the public’s eye, places where there should not be sufficient time to complete the trip.

When then vice-president candidate George Bust was flown to Paris for the “October Surprise” meetings, where negotiations were made with Iran to KEEP American hostages until after the inauguration of the Reagan-Bush team, U.S. and French government-military witness accounts could not be corroborated.  Time frames given for the meetings, and Mr. Bush’s brief hours of “retreat” for a fishing trip, did not fit with a transatlantic trip, given the publicly known speeds of your most advanced aircraft.  However, the SR-71’s actual speed was more than adequate for the occasion.

Even Russia’s electrogravitic hovering Cosmospheres, capable of speeds faster than a satellite in orbit, with ability to land and take off from the ground, are sometimes used in the ultra-fast political transportation service.

When a synthetic double for “George Bush” was assassinated in Japan in the midst of a roomful of people, including Lee Iacocca, a replacement was brought in before the public has a chance to find out the truth.  Actually, many of your Arab friends (now enemies–due to Rockefeller-Rothschild crooked deal-making and manipulation by the Mossad “dirty tricks” department) know that Bush, still a UN and US Intelligence bigwig, is a many-times-replaced synthetic entity.  Is it any wonder the Arabs don’t trust you and refer to Israel (new Khazaria)–AND NOW AMERICA–as “the Great Satan”?

(By the way, Lee Iacocca was so shaken by what he had seen, there in Japan, that he soon removed himself from the chairmanship of the Chrysler automobile company.  He was then quickly replaced with a FOREIGN BUSINESSMAN.  Perhaps you should have listened to Iacocca when he tried to tell you, before it became THE TREND, about American know-how packing up and moving to the countries of your foreign competitors.)

There are always several standbys of your President and other important political and financial figures, ready and waiting to be “activated”, in case warring factions of elitists try to take out another’s puppet “point-man” in public.

A fully functioning, synthetic human being can now be generated in little more than the time it takes to watch a film about them. The director’s cut of Blade Runner would be well worth looking at again.  This movie was based upon true incidents, not only regarding the technology erroneously called cloning, but of these entities being used in space projects and as laborers on secret bases on the Moon and Mars, code named Adam and Eve respectively.

In Russia, biorobots, as your Kremlin brothers refer to them, are used quite openly and still no one has picked up on their use in human affairs.  What does Mr. Yeltsin’s many-times-replaced replica have to do to get your attention as he malfunctions repeatedly before your eyes?  These beings do not perform well under stress or constant attacks against them by all manner of debilitating pulsed beams sent their way.  Even with the ELF-dispersement counter-defensive systems (part of which double as Teleprompter screens positioned on either side of the speaker’s podium), it has become a great risk for various factions trying to maintain the illusion of souled people “heading” their causes or governments.

The “volunteer” scientists who paraded around on-camera amidst the ruins of Chernobyl–when it was fully stated that these ones would not survive the intense amounts of radiation from the site–went on about their business like nice little robots, doing their work with no thoughts as to their own survival.  That is the tell-tale giveaway about these beings” there is no “soul intelligence” as you would classify it.  They do not fear being killed or dying; they just continue right along with their appointed task, even intensifying their work during perceived threats.

You have become a people who are not only controlled by figureheads in zombie-like fashion, but many of you act like zombies too, with no desire to decide for selves what you should think or how you should react to what life seems to haphazardly throw your way.  This is how it was planned to be.  How else do you fall in such great numbers by the wayside at the whims and suggestions of the elite parasite class of the few who control the great many of you?


Biological robots or genetic replicas, very different from what you understand as cloning, is America’s highest secret intelligence weapon.  It is, however, third or fourth down the line from the most dazzling of secret technologies for your Kremlin fellow “superpower”.  (You are not the only, nor the biggest, superpower nation and, if you don’t reckon with that media-perpetrated claim, you are going to be fooled into disarming whatever defensive capability you have left, while the other TWO superpowers–Russia and poor defenseless Israel–continue to build their arsenals, nonstop.)  It will be recorded for all time, within the Akashic Records, that the ones behind the negative use of this biological scientific breakthrough sold your planet down the tubes in a time that will be recorded as The Fall of Man.

You’ve had (and continue to have) other great problems that led you to where you currently are in your evolutionary downfall.  You have secretly tampered with several things you should not have tampered with.  These are big no, no items.  Your poorly understood tamperings with biological life are surpassed only by your ever more poorly understood tamperings with the very Lifeforce Essence itself, through such avenues as what you would recognize as radioactivity and with scalar-beam technologies.

The fact that man has learned to manufacture an empty shell of himself, without any understanding of the soul’s involvement, as infused through the Breath of God, is indeed an instrument of his own demise.  This is very disheartening news, I know; however, even unto the eleventh hour God’s “chosen” CAN turn it around before it becomes “written in stone”, as they say.

The Bolshevik-Rockefeller version, known as genetic replicas, are technically inferior to the Russian robotoids with their holographic brains.  You have an ongoing war of doubles, replicas, and robotoids which are continually being made from DNA-RNA blueprint fragments from the other side’s organic puppets.  These creatures, when programmed to express aspects of the political agenda of their “side” of the war, can cause great mischief upon the stage of the play you ones witness as “reality”.

For instance, the dress stain “samples” in question, regarding the Khazarian sting operation against Mr. Clinton as set up by his “Jewish” constituents, can be replicated whether or not he willingly gives a fresh sample.  Secret CIA medical advancements are such that samples he provided for other purposes, or acquired without his knowledge–JUST ONE CELL–can replicate the entire being, and they can just like whatever incriminating evidence is needed.

Clandestine divisions of the FBI have labs that also know this and therefore proves their compliance with “former” FBI agent Linda Tripp.  As with the Mafia and Central Intelligence Agency, you don’t “just quit” these fraternal orders; quoting ONI (Office of Naval Intelligence): “Once ONI, always ONI.”

Agents of your FBI WHO ARE MOSSAD TRAINED, and-or are actual moles within the Bureau, are staging a coup against not just the sitting administration BUT YOUR REPUBLICAN STYLE OF GOVERNMENT AS WELL.

Even Lewinsky’s spindoctors of traditional Jewish Hollywood image-making could not make one of their own a believable “victim”. How can you watch the news every evening, without throwing up your dinner, as she, bad acting and all, is coached into becoming a willing accomplice in criminal manipulations of your political machinery–while both her and Clinton are allowed to display the mockery that American morals have become through the hands of these Khazarian image-makers?

Unlike the setup and manipulated soapbox distraction of Clarence Thomas and Anita Hill, where both were telling the truth (in this instance, for NONE of your public servants are “saints”) AS THEY EACH REMEMBER IT, mind-control techniques were not needed on Monica and “slick Willie” as both are as big at manipulating the truth as they come.  Lewinsky’s tell-all smile in the obviously staged video recordings of her gushing over the President like a smitten kitten–much different than an overzealous admirer–should give you a clue as to how much effort and planning went into the trap.

Throughout the entire time, since the first airing of their affair, every other member on both sides, especially the other past female fallgals, showed great concern on their faces.  But not Monica; she just smiled and kept in step, while overplaying her role.  She has been made fully aware of her “sacrifice” for the Israeli homeland, and she has, as usual, been promised a just reward of riches, stardom, and perhaps a signature lingerie line or some such mockery of morals and basic human decency.

I am not singling our the poor, young woman for that which she is involved in, nor am I minimizing the way women (and men) are treated by their superiors–especially those who wield superior powers.  However, you have a nation at stake, dear ones, and the manipulators are using just such a forum to bring down your people and way of life because this is such a delicate and volatile situation to you.

The adversary NEVER does anything or picks a scenario without every facet of it being planned to the minutest detail, for maximum effect, with each portion complementing and backing up the other.  That is how they have been able to get away with the lies for so long.

Every aspect of a given plan to do you in has much latitude as to standby options in case something goes wrong or there is threat of exposure.  You need to understand that, no matter how big the conspiracy seems to be, IT’S EVEN BIGGER THAN YOU THINK!

These behind-the-scenes, so-called master manipulators are the ones who sit in control of YOUR physical destiny–YOU who are Lighted Fragments of God-Aton’s thinking and expression.  It would be a shame to allow God’s adversary to further use you as dupes in the unveiling of history’s greatest deception.


On the day your President was informed that he would have to testify before a jury of the people, General Motors and the United Auto Workers suddenly reached an agreement.  Keep in mind that GM represents your nation’s VERY LAST image of America (in the eyes of not only the world, but more specifically the U.S. people) as a symbol of stability and power in a global community where sovereign nations are likened unto your animals on the extinction list.

Those in the know are witnessing the passing of the baton from one governmental structure to another.  The new structure, however, is not one YOU voted for.  It is a political system lacking any input by its citizens and where the rule of law will be enforced with dictatorial powers unseen since your ancient days of barbarism and conquering, during the establishing of the “Old” World Order system of domination.

Remember:  America’s vast, relatively recent, “discovered” lands and natural resources were referred to as the New World.  In your New World Order of reorganizing and downscaling assets and resources (ESPECIALLY HUMAN “RESOURCES”) by Year 2000, it has been a slow and tedious process of pulling the wool over the eyes of millions.  Treaties and trade agreements hammered out in secret meetings, manmade disasters and engineered crime rates, and the halting of any significant industrial or scientific advancements for public prosperity, are how the “great civilizations” of the Twentieth Century are brought to their knees. (By the way, the Chinese aren’t just a source of cheap toys.  Ask your babies, who are killing each other in the streets, how easy it is to acquire assault rifles in YOUR backyard communities!)

The establishing of this new Order will mark the time when subtle domination became, once again, open savage tyranny.  If you allow it to unfold without making any effort to change your circumstances, caught-on-video incidents like Tiananmen Square will look like “ring around the rosey” child’s play for you ones who live in large eroding (morals as well as infrastructure) cities like “New” York.


The actual date of the new millennium, AND WHEN THE ANCIENT CALENDARS END, began on August 17, 1987, not January 1, 2000.  You are eleven years into the next cycle.

This is the date God chose to bring you THE WORD, on a more widely available scale.  This happened because you are becoming aware enough, through experiencing the higher vibrations of the Photon Belt, to “digest” such information.  As you and your Earth move closer to the Age of Light (this is not mystical, but a physical physics phenomenon), it was decided that you might now comprehend that which you have petitioned for on a global scale.

God promised that Truth would go to the four corners of the world in the ending times.  What have you done with it so far?  As God-Aton’s Lighted Workers (all who choose to participate in Goodness) prepare for the remainder of this next ten-year period, how many will awaken to their full potential?

The adversary (look up the definitions of the word Satan) is definitely aware of actual dates and events as they happened.  YOU, HOWEVER, ARE NOT!

The ones in service to evil will always make use of that which God puts there for your use.  Since evil cannot create anything–only steal or MANUFACTURE that which is already created (for example, the cloning of man)–he will try to fool as many of you as he can.  He is allowed to do so–IF HE CAN–by using those things set up to represent Goodness.  Religion, science, the Constitution–even something as seemingly insignificant as hypnosis (a most powerful tool for programming the mind to do positive and constructive things) has been usurped by the dark forces and used to do-in the masses of unsuspecting humans while pretending to be for the betterment of mankind.

Your adversary knows what he is doing and his followers (willing breakers of the laws of man and God, as well as those cleverly led astray) have taken dates and events into account in the planning of everything they do.  They may present themselves as “only” wanting to stamp out any acknowledgements of God in your places of education and public gathering, thus giving the impression that spirituality is nothing; however, they are FULLY AWARE of the significance of the unseen world in their own plans and actions.

What of Mr. Clinton’s August 17 date to tape a live statement in the White House regarding Miss Lewinsky?  It is to cover a number of scenarios planned to take your present form of government into the Global Community.  Chief among the shenanigans is to have all eyes focused on Washington on that day to test or carry out their light show in front of a captive world audience. Whether or not that “light show” is of Earth-manufactured craft and their replicated “ET” occupants, or the “light” of a thermonuclear fire ball, remains to be seen.


Who knows, if this is THE day God chooses to make presentation.  I’m quite sure your adversary, at the very least, doesn’t want to miss the opportunity to either witness for himself what Divine Intervention looks like, or miss the “lifeboat” should any “fireworks” get out of hand.

Remember:  even though the elite parasite class deny and ridicule the presence of God’s “extraterrestrial” Hosts, THEY KNOW WHO WE ARE!  Shocking?  Why didn’t anyone tell you about these beings among us?  Why don’t they make themselves known? Ah, so, then everyone who innately KNOWS THE TRUTH OF THESE WORDS stand up!

Earth humans, as unique and special each unto the other, you are not the center of God’s universe.  Out of countless inhabitable spheres in your known universe, do you think that Creator saw fit to only allow life to flourish (to overcrowding) on just this one planet?


You have been told by many Earth sources–prophets, seers, and historians alike–that two years BEFORE the millennium will bring the greatest most noticeable changes as MAN’S reckoning with the cyclic changes comes to a completion; but YOUR SATANIC MASTERS HAD A SECRET DATE (much like the “other set” of books a crooked accountant keeps).  AUGUST 17, 1998 TO AUGUST 17, 2000 FITS QUITE NICELY FOR THAT TWO-YEAR PERIOD.

Always your adversary will utilize, whatever he can, that which stands for God and His people, to hide behind as a way of fooling all the people all the time.  You have become children of the lie and it seems that you have fallen greatly from the centuries of programming, ultimately to believe everything (never questioning the slightest or most blaring inconsistencies) you read in your holiest of books.

The Bible IS NOT a “book of God”!  Do the wars, vengeance, and sacrifice truly sound like what you imagine a God of Light and Love and Forgiveness to be?

This is very offensive to many–even fatally disheartening for ones where the programming is total.  However, you must come to realize that EVIL IS THAT HEARTLESS!  Any and all methods are allowed to be used to steer you off the path of “enLIGHTenment”.  It just so happens that religion and your cultivated worship of money (gold) work best to produce entire nations of slaves.

When man learns to go within and trust only the God of his Eternal Being–AND HE WILL, AND HOPEFULLY IT WON’T TAKE AN “ARMAGEDDON” TO CAUSE HIM TO SEE THE LIGHT–then he will not need to rely on tampered books, preachers, mystics, or even us.  He will KNOW Truth because it will be him.

Then, no one can take that Knowingness away from him; it will be a functioning part of man’s spiritual and physical makeup.  And as with the separation of wheat from chaff when tossed into the air, the winds of Reason will always separate the Lie from the Truth just as surely.

Tomeros Massu Korton here, moving to stand-by.  May Aton’s Wisdom be a moment-by-moment part of your thought processes, for ultimately you are going to find that you need no other “crutch” to help you through this experience.  We of the Hosts serve only as reminders.


Source:  CONTACT: The Phoenix Educator, August 18, 1998, Volume 21, Number 13, Pages 8-12.


  1. The article brings up some good points about spiritless humans, robotoids, synthetics, clones and mind controlled zombies. As well as the big conspiracies of humans. But the worship of Aton is a HUGE giveaway! The pharoah Akhenaten is said to be a hybrid. Truman Cash’s ‘Eye of Ra’ uses past life regression to investigate ancient Egypt, where he finds the pharoah was a slave to white, humanoid, saucer-flying ‘gods’ telling him to start wars and worship Ra. Tsarion says some striking things in regard to the cult of Aten which is supposedly the solar cult underneath most religions:

    This alien message would assist the agenda of (false) alien saviours. They might offer to help us be free from corrupt human institutions or even other aliens. The Draco, grey, insect and reptilian aliens would be more likely to be shone in a negative light than sexy nordics who might be wolves in sheep’s clothing.

  2. I found an interesting excerpt about aliens and a reptilian named ‘Haton’. Could be who they’re calling Aton here. From The Dulce Book:

    “We must realize that the ONLY being in the collective which is allowed to exercise individual choice is their dark leader, and to a lesser extent the inner council, and these beings do NOT want the Reptiloids and Greys to attain emotional individualism. But what about other ’collectives’ like the Ashtar or Astarte collective? Just who is this ’Ashtar’? Why is the Ashtar collective so involved with the Dulce base activity in joint capacity with the Greys and Reptiloids?

    Is it, as contactee Israel Norkin claims, because the “Unholy Six” star systems of Orion have infiltrated the Ashtar collective to a massive extent? What about the bald 9-foot tall Reptilian “from the Pleiades” who supposedly defected from the Draconian collective, HATONN? Why hasn’t Hatonn been warning about this infiltration of his own collective? Is it because he is secretly working FOR the Draconian-Orion empire?

    Certainly if he was truly converted from the Draconian collective he could be a lot more zealous in exposing it… especially its infiltration of the Ashtar collective itself. ”

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