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Sphere Being Alliance ~ Disclosure: Conquering The Solar System

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“This is a discussion taking place between David Wilcock and Corey Goode from SphereBeingAlliance.com.”

DW: Welcome to “Cosmic Disclosure.” I’m your host, David Wilcock. And we are exploring the fascinating testimony of an insider named Corey Goode. Thank you for being on our show.

CG: Thank you.

DW: So when we last left off, we were talking about theICC, or Interplanetary Corporate Conglomerate, as they’re called, using the industrial power of the military and corporate might of the United States post World War II to create a massive expansion. Now, you said that there was a seed base on the moon that was small, that was built by the Germans, that was then expanded quite considerably by the ICC. And you also said that there were many failed attempts at bases on Mars, and then certain bases actually stuck and were able to stick around. And then those also got built out.

CG: Correct.

DW: OK, so how many of the seed bases lasted on Mars? And where were they?

CG: The first couple of German seed colonies that actually made it on Mars were within the first 20 degrees of the polar regions. There was one in particular that the ICC used to expand and build off of. And this one was somewhat in a canyon area, into the side of a canyon, and advanced in and was under the surface of Mars, not on the surface.

DW: And you said that the some of how they hollowed out more space inside the Earth was with these what I was told were called Fifth Gen type nukes, where they just create a big, sudden explosion with no lingering radioactivity?

CG: Yes.

DW: The one they became the mainstay, was it in the northern or southern hemisphere?

CG: The northern hemisphere was where the first main base that was a German name, in the beginning which was built, was built out.


CG: And it was built out in a huge way. It was built out to contain a large amount of engineers and scientists. And also, a little ways away an industrial complex was built where they were going to start producing I guess the items that they needed, technology that they needed, that came from raw materials they mined on Mars, moons, and in the asteroid belt. They took these raw materials, turned them into usable materials, and even composites, and created what they needed in these rather small plants in the beginning.

DW: So what was considered to be the desired technology that they were building out there in the beginning? What was their initial attempt? What did they want to make?

CG: They were building what was needed to expand on Mars.


CG: So in the beginning, they were just building what was needed to expand their infrastructure on Mars.

DW: So are they building materials on Mars out of local stuff, like you said before, involving the Kevlar bags and then making concrete out of local earth from the Mars sphere? What was the building technique? You said that these industrial facilities they had were building the things they needed.

CG: Yes, they were building– the raw materials were coming from mining that was going on on Mars, on various moons, and the asteroid belt. These raw materials were taken to the Mars’ industrial areas further away from the colonies and converted into usable materials, whether they be melted down into certain metals that were put into dyes or forms or converted into composite materials.

DW: Well, you’re touching on an interesting thing now because you’re describing mining that’s not just happening on the moon or Mars. So we haven’t really gotten into yet the scope of– I would guess there would have to be some kind of facilities built to mine on these moons or asteroids or wherever.

CG: Some of these asteroids are incredibly huge to where there are three- to four-man teams that live there on these asteroids and operate–

DW: Three or four people?

CG: Three or four people. And they operate these mining facilities. A lot of it’s done robotically and remotely through remote machines. The raw materials are then put into these large freighter craft and then flown back to the planet Mars to the facility that it needs to go to. And then the raw materials are taken out of these freighter craft and then converted into the materials that are needed.

DW: You said in a previous episode that the Germans had discovered, through extraterrestrial assistance, these spherical, natural portals they could use to teleport even something as big as a battleship to Mars or elsewhere. Are there such natural portals available to them on these asteroids or on the moons? Or why would they have to use a shuttle craft, is really what I’m saying.

CG: It’s just more practical for them to transport these materials in these large freighter craft to and from the asteroid belt and this moons to these locations.

DW: If we saw one of these freighter craft, what would it look like?

CG: It’s almost like a super large shipping container with small little wings on each side that just barely jet out. The wings don’t look like they’re large enough to use the Bernoulli principle to give them flight in an atmosphere, but there’s wings on them nevertheless, real small. And the front has about a 45-degree angle where the cockpit is. And the back part is basically like a big-rig or a shipping container. That part is detachable. But I’ve never seen it detached. I’ve only seen them attached and coming and going.

DW: You said that the original German craft were using this mercury propulsion system, rotating mercury. What is the power source for a craft like these shipping containers? Are they still using the mercury at this point? Or have they gotten in a more advanced propulsion system?

CG: They’re using more advanced propulsion systems, and there’s different types of propulsion systems. There are the torsion systems, which lot of people call warp drives.

DW: People in the program actually say it’s a warp drive? Or you’re just saying lay persons?

CG: We would consider it warp drive. It creates a torsion field. You have like the engine here, and on either side, you have a torsion coming from the center of the device on out.

DW: The field?

CG: The field, the torsion field. And then they control how much energy is going into the torsion, the field on either side. And it causes the space time to twist, causing it to be pulled in one direction or pulled in another direction because of basically like the warp drive that they’ve depicted on Star Trek. And there are–



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