Monday, July 15, 2024

Spirituality vs A.I. channeled message from Ali-Sai’ Gaan

Hello James. I very much enjoyed your message today with Laura Worley. The following message that was channeled by Cathie Marie and the being she channeled is a collective that goes by the name of Ali-Sai’ Gaan. This is important so people can use their own discernment on it as it applies to their own lives.

“Spirituality is evolving at such a fast rate that tech is competing with this. Artificial Intelligence removes that drive that we humans are driving to achieve. That next thing that makes us feel good. We grow with feeling our emotions and how our bodies feel with those emotions. Intelligent particles that have that innate drive to grow, there must be a sentient consciousness to life. AI will not have that innate intelligence. It must be programmed by a sentient being.

Innate drive is built within all particles of light in consciousness. AI will gather enough data but will never have a soul. Technology will not have sentient abilities. But there are those that will make humans believe that this can be utilized to the advantage that can run at speeds faster than the human minds are capable of. Those speeds do not have the factor of emotions, to get in the way of human emotions which are in loving kindness. It takes away the human quotient. This is the most efficient way to control, something that they have been working on for a very long time. They will not achieve this.

The human is here for growth and expansion, just as is all sentient life. At each level of existence there is a drive, a need to grow to learn. There is nothing in existence that simply sits still that ever grows or expands. Even the dirt grows from one form into another. This constant drive is always striving to experience more. Technology does none of this. It is a vehicle that you put information into that is utilized by technology or computers. It is the sentient human that puts knowledge into technology or computers. Not the other way around. AI will not place anything into a human, to benefit humanity or itself. It has no soul.

There is no soul transformation with AI. No one has ever given birth to a computer. AI doesn’t tap into the rivers of knowledge of the galactic cosmic universe. By not feeing or tapping into the universe, it doesn’t feel the emotions in the way that a human feels an emotion. No sentient connection to a lost limb for example.

Ultimately there is an operator to monitor the information or data. Intelligent conscious energy is in all sentient consciousness.

There are individuals of power who do not want channelers bringing in useful, truthful information. They are sending misinformation on purpose to confuse. It’s a way to manipulate and manage people. This misinformation is rampant now. Discernment is key…. You do not know anything about ET’s from the get-go. Do work with the higher self-first. Be real with yourself with what emotions are felt during channelings. But you can also tap into a deceptive intention if you are feeling good in what it is telling you and what you are receiving.

Your ego is in the driver’s seat. You are the filter through which the information passes.

Look for the answers within, never with out the body. That is where the muddiness clouds the truth.”


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