A discussion of the SSP Connections with Wernher von Braun, William Tompkins & Michael Relfe. Wernher von Braun contributed the schematic designs and building of the antigrav circular orbital space stations that are cloaked between Earth, Mars, and the Moon. These orbital space stations had been first built during the 1950’s. He also provided the plans for building the first modular underground Us Navy/Army Military Bases on the Moon. Later during the 1980’s the domed bases were built in the craters on Mars and also underground research and weapons facilities for Planetary Corporations. These domed bases are protected by electromagnetic shielding so these bases are cloaked and cannot be detected by satellites, telescopes or radar from space. William Tompkins had contributed draftsman designs and his expertise to building triangular shaped fleet carrier ships that would later be used in Solar Warden in the 1980’s to explore our solar system and patrol the perimeters of Earth, Mars, Moon, and the planets near us. These carrier ships were redesigned and adapted with fusion and torsion field engines used now by Solar Warden and other SSP factions. These Tomahawk cruisers and carrier ships are designed to go beyond the speed of light with fast travel velocities. Michael Relfe was the first SSP Asset to come forward with his disclosures in the 2000’s of being taken to Mars through the means of time travel and the jump gateway portals on the Mars Bases working with human SSP personnel and ET’s like the Nordics and Reptilians on the Mars Bases doing a 20 and back service. Michael Relfe wrote the Mars Records books discussing that he was an SSP Asset on the Mars Bases because of his psychic abilities to remote view events and provide counter intelligence against military attacks on the Mars Base and other incursions on Mars and psychically piloting SSP craft.