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Stargate Translation

As described by Johnn Withberg.

“This picture from the show with Kristy Campbell, shows a picture of Martian indigenous human writing. The heading is “instruction manual”. The first proper line says, “The Stargate is a very useful device for interstellar, inter-time and inter-dimensional travel. Handle with care.”

The second line explains that for interstellar travel, use the “vesh” and “ka” related symbols on the dial. I’m not sure how to translate “vesh” and “ka”. Those are scientific terms I am not familiar with.

The third line is a warning against inputting incorrect commands which would result in your being fused into a solid object.

The fourth line is for interdimensional travel. The “dra” and “zur” buttons are used for the coordinates.

The fifth line is a warning against doing interdimensional travel which would likely result in opening portals to what we would call “Hell Realms”.

The sixth line defines time travel as “voluntary quantum entanglement”. I don’t know what that means.

The seventh line explains how to travel into the future using the “zesha” and “ka” inputs. Also the date is dialed-in within the green circle in the center of the dial.

The eighth line is for time travel into the past using the “lenza” and “ka” inputs. Again, the date is dialed-in within the green circle in the center of the dial.

The ninth is another warning about time travel, saying to be wary of paradoxes, missing time and “quantum storms”.

Finally the tenth line is a list of things that can’t pass through the gate. It’s a few minerals that I can’t translate.


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