Starlink Satellites of Elon Musk are supposedly in space and in great numbers. But what does Athena Swaruu say on the subject? She is a pilot and flies in the orbit of the Earth quite often, so, in her own words, she would be the first to know if they are there. Our website with transcripts and forums: ALL THE VIDEOS FROM THE BEGINNING (Playlist):… VIDEOS ACCORDING TO SUBJECTS (PLAYLISTS):… COSMIC AGENCY UNCENSORED ON ODYSEE: BACK UP COSMIC AGENCY CHANNEL:… SPANISH CHANNEL – AGENCIA COSMICA:… TO SUPPORT COSMIC AGENCY WORK: Thank you! 🙂 COSMIC AGENCY WORLD CRISIS SUPPORT CENTER group: Telegram:… PETITIONS channel ONLY: Telegram: FB:… FREE CHAT group: Telegram: Robert´s Channel Despejando Enigmas (one of):… Music: Eon:… Sirius Beat – Nobility Link:…… CO.AG Music:… “Hayden Folker – Adrift” is under a Creative Commons (CC-BY 3.0) license Music promoted by BreakingCopyright: