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Startling HD video of UFO up close becomes available

April 19, 2014

Screen shot of Third Phase of Moon Video released April 19 2014

Close up video of a UFO shot in HD was today released by Third Phase of Moon, a popular Youtube channel with over 150,000 subscribers. The footage was provided by “Ed,” an anonymous interviewee, who has been providing videos and pictures over the last couple of months to substantiate his experiences of extraterrestrial contact since 1976. In today’s video, the UFO appears up close and is rotating with internal lights shining out of portholes and its undercarriage. The video was taken using a HD camera and is very clear, and appears quite large. Blake Cousins, creator of Third Phase of Moon believes it could be an alien mothership. There is however no contrast with any adjacent terrain making it difficult to accurately estimate its size. The video was released prior to an upcoming interview where Ed would give details about when and how it was taken. Opinion about the authenticity of the video is divided with some Youtube commentators claiming it is too clear to be real. Ed, however, has provided compelling testimony about his experiences in several interviews with Cousins. So far, there is no reason to doubt Ed’s sincerity suggesting that his UFO footage may be genuine. According to Cousins, more footage of the latest video will shortly be released thereby making possible closer examination. If the video is found to be genuine, it has the potential to be smoking gun proof that we are not alone, and that governments have been lying about extraterrestrial visitation.


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