Tuesday, May 21, 2024

State of Planet Earth

To All Light Workers & All Light Soldiers,
After reading Fulford Report, I’ve I discovered the following,
-SOHO Lasco C2 has shortened the Movie Theater downloads from 49 frames to 43 frames of Data history & it takes longer to download to to the intensity of SpaceCraft Beams striking Earth’s Atmosphere & the SOLGATE from both sides of the gate, data is being withheld from public domain….

-SOHO Lasco C-3 has also shortened it’s public domain access to the 43 rather than 49 frames with major strikes being completely removed from the frame data to the point that the download is incongruent thus denying the domain from seeing simultaneous strikes at the same time from the two satellite telescopes, another attempt to deny data online.
-As per Fulford Report, the shutting down of the worlds Major Shipping Corporations which is in actuality Evergreen Groups(CIA Drug Cartel Poppy Bush established with family of NeoNazi’s since the Hudson Bay Trading Company fronting Medical Missionaries as far back as Formosa((Taiwan)) & Burma((Myanmar)) with Adamyra Judson & Hudson Taylor circa 1700’s to late 1800’s.) thus the Shipping Shutdown has been felt as close as the denial of products & services right down to our local supermarket supplies of the most used foodstuffs such as Eggs, Milk & Tortilla’s from Mexico & South America.
-Gasoline Prices locally have dropped from $1.93 to $1.67 in one day.
-Interruption & denial of services online has increased not only due to the Space STARWARS Actual shooting the Earth & SOLGATE, but this conflagration has increased to the point that even the U.S. Postal Service has slowed down by 3 days. With an unbearable burden on Personnel. Reduction of hours in favor of Service to Customers. Our Postman Mark has so many packages in his SUV that he can no longer see out of the vehicle’s Windows on 3 sides, with the demand that he stop services to return exactly at 5pm no matter what.
-Denial of Services in the Trash Disposal has gone undone for one week, supposedly because of snowstorm which was forecasted as 18-24″ of snow. HAARP old Equipment brought back into services including underwater & mobile units failed to produce to the point of Chemtrail service has been interrupted, thus 3″ of snow & amazingly BLUE skies so deep as to see distant stars of the brightest view to be seen broad daylight.
-NATO via G-20 services have been failing miserably due to the Supply focus on SolarWatch & SolarWarden increased supply & demand .
-Possible interlopers(Intergalactic Marketeers & Black Marketing of Humans & Earth-based Resources are on the rise, having more abductions from Non-Terrestrials vs MILABS type abductions, with visual records & pictures of These Interlopers much, much closer to the surface than usual with an increase of fireballs as a result of more successful targeting & shootdown of these Interloper Craft.
-Prices on certain vital resources have increased, while non-essentials have dropped.
-skyward Anomalies are becoming increasingly prevalent as we are seeing strange orbs & what appear as oddities are more & more readily seen by the naked eye without the aid of telescopes &/or binoculars.
-Course of Action Recommendations, A. To continue present operations of destroying CERN 2.0/3.0 with Space-borne Synchrotrons taking precedence over land-based Synchrotrons, while still planning & executing Land-based Synchrotrons 100+ ongoing.
-A resurgence of attacks of hundreds of the HAARP & GWEN Equipment is recommended in order to safeguard day to day Humankind daily activities, while also targeting FEMA Operations such as Camps by the harassment of FEMA personnel, to the point of no or little cogent activities,…Psychic Confusion of the PPAI in this matter is recommended, as it appears to be having an accumulative effect that is more successful than expected. End Of Report  
Sent from Mercury Site Sector Four


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