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Story Of ‘Star People’ By Indian Elder & Alien Ship Crashed In 1945, Rescued By Mothership After Months


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Dr. Ardy Sixkiller Clarke, an author of the best-seller book “Encounters with Star People: Untold Stories of American Indians” collected lots of stories about the UFOs and alien encounters from the native American Indians. She herself belonged to Cherokee, indigenous people of the United States.

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Dr. Ardy Sixkiller Clarke Image via Montana State University Library

Dr. Clarke learned about ‘Star People’ from her grandmother when she used to tell ancient legends of Cherokee people. She spent her childhood hearing stories about the origins of the indigenous people of America, Pleiades, and her ancestors who still carry the DNA of Star People.

She wrote in her book, “Ancient astronaut theorists maintain that Star People have been visiting Earth since the beginning of time.” Clarke has many UFO stories that she heard from Indian tribal elders, and one of them was told by an elder named Harrison.


ENCOUNTERS WITH STAR PEOPLE: Untold Stories of American Indians

According to Clarke, she knew Harrison for 25 years, but he had died before she wrote his story. Harrison was the respected elder among the Northern Plains tribes in the US states of North and South Dakota, Wyoming, Idaho, and Montana. The tribes witnessed many UFO sightings, but Harrison’s story happened before the famous Roswell UFO incident.

Harrison said that he was only 12 years old when his grandfather took him to a place, located on his ranch, where he saw a large alien ship crashed on his land. One night, the grandfather was at home and suddenly felt something like an earthquake because it shook the house very hard. He went to check outside, and all the horses were gone, while everything was dispersed.

The next day, he brought horses back but looked very scared of something. The grandfather saw a ship crashed on his ranch and then he understood that it had been a reason for the shockwave.

The hit was so hard that the craft made a vast crater. He watched the craft for a week as waiting for someone to come outside, but no one came out. So, he decided to go there and found survivors of the ship. According to him, they were 7 to 8 feet tall, wearing green suits, and had very thin skin. When he flashed the light on them, their eyes changed color.

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Dr. Clarke is a professor of Native Americans at Montana State University

He even offered them food, but they did not accept it. He noticed that they did not want to interact with him and wanted to be left alone. The grandfather was curious and wanted to know more about them. He knew they were the Star People, as the stories about them passed in his family from generation to generation. As he wanted to know more about them, they completely vanished. He often found them near the river, collecting plants, rocks, and other geological items. The aliens seemed to be very interested in Earth’s geology.

The grandfather watched them doing it for weeks but understood that they wanted to be hidden from other humans. So, he always kept it a secret. When the Star People understood that the grandfather was not harmful to them, they invited him to their ship. While on their ship, he interacted with advanced technology. As he was living in a remote area, he could not understand what actually they were. Harrison thought maybe his grandfather had seen something like a TV or computer. The Star People also showed Harrison’s grandfather their homeland, which he compared with “Badlands” (dry terrain in South Dakota). He also got to know about their history. They told him that they had been exploring Earth for thousands of years and were sent by a mothership with three other crafts.

They told him that they were not sacred on Earth, as they knew that they could disguise themselves or disappear at any moment. They had traveled not only to Earth but other places in the Universe. In their homeland, they lived under the surface where they had everything they needed for living.

The grandfather told Harrison that on April 17, 1945, they were rescued by the other ship, leaving their craft behind. Harrison, indeed, went inside a crashed ship and said it was cylindrical in shape. He even sat on the ship’s seat and said it covered him like an envelope and released him when he tried to go away.

Harrison recalled that in 1947, the United States Army Corps of Engineers arrived on the crash site to survey the area where allegedly the spacecraft of the Star People crashed.

The Corps confiscated the whole ranch and gave Harrison’s grandfather a useless piece of land on the other side of the hill in return. The military took the ship and created an artificial lake at the site of its ranch.




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