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Stunning Artwork of Jody Hargreaves

Special thank you to Jody Hargreaves for sharing his milab centered artwork with us.


“Kid being trained in a VR Trip Chair – This is used mostly for programming as far as i know, the people are drugged and in an altered state. They also use flashing lights to alter the brain waves to enter into different states where they and experience different things maybe even chronovision like peering into different time lines. Also used to program alters. There are different kinds of chair techs i think. Like the Montauk chair as far as i know is a teleportation device that is reversed engineered from a chair from a crashed UFO. It uses telepathy to control it which is how i controlled the UFO i flew.

I think the trip chair is hooked to AI and can erase or implant memories and extract memories and info and put it into someone else. They may use these techs for remote viewing super soldiers to link with other soldiers in combat to help them see stuff around maybe give them heighten reflexes and stronger reconnaissance ability.”


Psychic Kids Brought to Underground Base – This is from a different earth timeline then our own in 100 years into the future where the cabal is still in power….. These kids are part of Project Talent and they are psychic . They are being brought to the base for programming to be trained as super remote viewers for the cabal space Nazis and time jumpers.”


“Psychic Spykid – This is a present day image of a child that was milabed. These kids are highly activated. They have more abilities then the older gen. Thats why the military hunts them down. This boy is using the tool to see into another dimension and through time for Reconnaissance and training.  They can connect with other time lines where there are other soldiers that they work with. Their physical body and subtle astral body’s can both travel through space time dimensions and merge with them .

Some of these children and their families are asleep and unaware of their double life. But others are too advanced and figured it out so they hide in the forest and connect with the planet and the stars and get trained by there higher dimensional counter parts, to battle the cabal to save this planet from total cybernetic take over.

The beings that are abducting them are taking over this whole galaxy, they are like the draconians, but they are an AI type being. Regardless of standard reasoning, monetarily open ID scanners don’t run the grant number against the power state data base for realness. The state-controlled data bases that contain .license data can’t be gotten to by everybody. An ID scanner records the license number and information as confirmation that age was vigorously affirmed, at this point it doesn’t check whether the grant number is genuine in a state data base. Simply genuine experts can confirm whether a license number is significant or issued by a fake id website Once these being take over this dimension they can then jump into higher dimensions to take over other systems but ultimately they want to break into what we call heaven.”


“Shy to Fly – 
This girl is one of the humanoid beings on this planet that is earth in the future but in another dimension , the Nazi type ai beings have spiritually enslaved the race. She is one that is waking up and freeing her self. Due to activation of higher gene strands in the 12 D template her body is merging with her Crystal light body and so she is able to fly with her thoughts.The kids are becoming telepathic and psychokinetic. Here she is shy to fly because if she gets caught she will be taken away to the bases to be reprogrammed and will then work for the cabal. Hopefully she will fight the cabal.”
The Lab Brat – She is a hybrid clone and is used for recruiting new milab children as well as helping children integrate into the basses , she also works in labs where she connects telepathically with the animals as a medium. This helps build rapport for the terribly frightened young boys and girls who are confused and don’t understand what has just happened.

Even though she is a hybrid clone her soul was captured from another dimensional system and put into a semi synthetic cloned test tube created body. After she was born she was told these other people in the base where her parents. They erased her memories of her mother and father and now she has surrogate handler parents, but she never sees them anyways because shes always with her groups of kids and animals.

She started pure and she thinks she is doing well but she works for the cabal in D.U.M.B. She wants to do good but she doesn’t know who she is working for and cant escape anyways. Her eyes are red because of her genes as she is albino.  She likes the rabbit, they are friends they just hang out and talk but both of them where bred for science.”



The Scout – This kid works with the lab rat girl, hes a scout to go hunt for the other psychic kids that hide in the forest, so that way when he locates the kids they wont be fearful. Here he is seen working with a cybernetically enhanced dog.


  1. I talked to Bernard Mendez who was President Nixon’s Alien Negotiator and worked for the White House and for Special Forces Command. He had 2nd to the highest clearance in the Black World Projects.

    He said he sat in the Montauk Chair and it made him dizzy like someone spinning the chair and got out of it. He did do jumps to Mars and Time Travel at a later date. He said the guy that used the chair all the time did it when he was naked. So Bernard went outside and saw a black vortex over the tent that housed the Montauk Chair. He got a large step ladder and climbed up it to look inside the black vortex in the air. But a Grey Alien stuck his head through the Black Vortex Chair.

    I said Bernie, were you crazy. No, he said he was young and did things without thinking about it. You can hear Benard Mendez aka Bernie Mendez on Youtube testimonies.

    Seems the Captain who he met of starship he negotiated with was the one that abducted Travis Walton. But Bernie told me that he didn’t kidnap him his two crewmates thought that Travis were escaped prisoners of his and they kidnapped him. But Travis swore and cursed that Captain and he got mad at him for not talking in a civilized matter.

    But the Montauk Chair did a lot of things, and Bernard said he met Al Bielek and said he was the real deal. Bernie negotiated with the Pleiadian Human Aliens who were 9 to 10 feet tall and build strong. I found picture of Alien on the Moon with triangle head, Bernie said that he met 14 of them that he negotiated. He negotiated with 1100 ET Races for the US Government and President Nixon.


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