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Summit Three will be Unstoppable

James summit three will be unstoppable.  I think everyone around you must be on the same page, we have the power to free-even the slave masters-the universe is on your side, inevitability. You have significantly upped the ante for complete satisfaction. Relish in the moments of your summit, victims of mind control, never dreamed possible. Their strife validated, their load shared, a future unshrouded in mystery, comfort for so many to no longer fight alone. They will never settle for less now. King James! Have an amazing day and enjoy your travels, like the unknowing child of yourself shining with joy to all you have potentiated. I hope all the time in the waiting room is validated.

And what was that mass abducted thing about? You alright, not James clone Lol? It better have been a good abduction is all i can say Lol. I had a dream last night i was putting fiber optic cables near all my nerves to conduct more energy Lol.

They should really loosen their need for control Lol, what abducts and tortures greys? Natural predator needed, besides humans. I mean your not gonna break right? Your practically the face of Liberation-Earth. Every time the forest clears to breathe, there’s something keeping content/peace under the spell of-not quite yet. Sounds like you’ve got them scared honestly, keep at it brother, the summit of your long arduous mountain is there, waiting to be experienced with ultimate longing. You will experience true liberation, at least i want you satisfied and resolved about your adventure on earth. You are driven to success, you are so beyond the greys seeming materialism. Their world is shattered every time you speak, they lose meaning, absolving to hopelessness and despair at the prospect of powerlessness against even the tiniest shreds of character. You fight the good fight man, all of humanity is rolling heads your way.


It appears, though not confirmed, that there was a mass abduction at the summit involving high level milab controller David Vanderbeek , his reptilian handler, and alters of Michael Prince and Max Spires who operated more as grunts then willing participants. Milabs stopped time and together they teleported into our rooms and escorted 18 of us outside. In two cases they busted a deadbolt lock because in alter Max and Michael are not very smart and don’t even know how to open a door. Mr Vanderbeek even commented how Prince is a dumb muscle grunt. But Prince is very strong in alter he has no clue really in his conscious life. 

Prince and Spires escorted about 18 of us including lorien fenton, the cameraman, and myself out to a yellow van in the parking lot and brainwashed us in a mobile trip chair. Inside the van where soldiers dressed in black who had the Nazi storm trooper insignia’s on their collars. 

We were then brainwashed to upgrade our programming, prevent alters from bleeding through, and to make us want to support Mr Vanderbeek and his bid for governor for the state of Nevada, as he is being groomed to be the Governor of the California/Nevada super region when martial law breaks out and the united states falls apart. 

This occurred approximately around 9:28 pm Saturday Night. Another guest speaker mysteriously lost her purse only to reappear later. We think milabs made the mistake of misplacing it when they took her for her session. They refused to let her see the footage of the cameras in the casino we believe because security was taken over by milabs that Saturday night. In fact we traced the massive surveillance to a underground base in Vermont. 

When we figured out what they where doing the greys picked us up the next day for further programming.  We were possibly taken to a facility near Cheyenne mountain where greys controlled by one of Princes alters where torturing us. We where all naked and strapped down , they would then insert fiber optic cables and wires into us to teach us a lesson for remembering.  Sarah Hicks remembers me screaming in horrible pain though i don’t recall this. 

It appears Mr Vanderbeek is unaware of his involvement in all this as he does this in a alter but the other guy who introduced him at the Summit was his reptilian handler and knows what is going on. Even some of us caught him shape shifting.

Lorien Fenton lost $7000 dollars on this summit in part because milabs kept hacking the website preventing people from buying tickets. Then on the day of the summit we where counting on making money from the live stream and sadly that connection was hacked too . The last night we were in Vegas I was locked out of my hotel room and my belongings where confiscated because she couldn’t pay the bill. I had to use money out of my own pocket to get my belongings back. It appears milabs did what they wanted, that is only allow people they wanted at the summit , for their own purposes. And because we milab survivors choose to work together we foiled their plans. Now they are in damage control mode. 

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  1. know one would of remembered anything about the abduction or what vanderbeeks and his handler are, if I wouldn’t of said anything. I told james rink about vanderbeeks the month before the summit. and im not mentioned anywhere.


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