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Hello everyone.

I would like to tell you all about a dream I had, but first let me tell you a bit why I am doing this. First of all this dream I had is very futuristic, I almost never had futuristic dreams, except a couple of UFO dreams

But this dream really got me questioned, and when I woke up I had the feeling that this could be real, or a real reality, but I am not sure about which one it is, and what it is. I am writing this down so that you all know what it was about, and I would like for anyone to let me know, or comment, if they had similar dreams.

Second thing is that I want to apologies for any spelling mistakes, my home language isn’t English, but I’ll do my best.

Now I will tell about the dream in as many details I can, I can recall most of it, but not all of it. The first place I was in a world like this one in some kind of city/village, it wasn’t too big and it wasn’t too small.

The first thing I noticed was that the people were really careful with what they said they were behaving like someone/something was watching them. I walked on the streets and started to sing, cause in real life, I love singing, suddenly people looked at me like I shouldn’t have done that and they started to look around, and all eyes were focused on me.

Out of no were a guy kidnapped me and brought me to an abandoned warehouse, but it didn’t looked like it was very old, just abandoned. He forcibly grabbed me and drilled 2 very small holes inside backside of my neck, on the left and one on the right, which was very painful and I screamed real loud. Then he started to drill another 2 holes near my shoulder blades just next to my spine, when he was done drilling he grabbed 2 plugs, the plugs were very small, almost like an mp3 plug.

He pushed the plugs inside the holes, and when he did that I felt an electric charge, do you know the sound of a plug being plugged into something electrical? Like a quick low hum. That’s what I heard, and mostly felt in my body, and I remember someone saying: if you think this hurts, wait until you take the plugs out. I have no idea who it was, but it looked like a blonde man.

The plugs were connected through wires, and the 4 plugs were connected with each other in a square, and the top plugs also had 2 little wires connected towards ear plugs that we needed to insert in our ears, that way we could hear our own thoughts being directed into our ears via the earplugs.

I am saying ‘we’ cause the next thing I remember was being inside a loading place of a rack, it was very dark and I couldn’t see anything, until someone from the outside opened the door. I was part of a soldier team/military team that ran out of the truck into a mission, I don’t remember which mission, I only remember the moment running out of the truck with my team.

We had special military clothing, and to be honest it looked a bit like the outfit Tom Cruise wore in the movie Oblivion, a white outfit, but in my dreams the shoulder were more geared up, and we had a large black weapon, that’s all I can remember of that scene. I don’t have recollection about what happened next, just me and my team getting to the truck.

The next moment I was somewhere far in the future, I was inside a u.f.o flying in the air, I was discussing with the government what to do, cause something big was about to happen. I don’t know what, but all I knew was that I needed to do something or else the world we know was gone, so the woman I was talking with on the headset told me I needed to fix it. So I did some calculations on a thing that looked like a tablet, and I saw that all of the satellites on earth needed to crash down on earth in order for the planet to be saved.

I told her my solutions, but my solution will also bring a global earthquake, but the thing that was about to happed was even worse than a global earthquake. I wish I just knew what it was. Then it would all make sense to me, so I pushed some buttons on the tablet, and all of the satellites came crashing down on earth, that’s all I remember from that moment.

The next moment I was in the 1930’s ,I witnessed a fight between balloons and zeppelins, I didn’t knew what the fight was about, at the same time 2 timelines started to fall in one place. I sat in a car towards a person, the car and the person were in this present time, but at the same time the scene from the 1930’s played in the background, but it didn’t looked like a projection it looked real, I showed him the zeppelin/balloon war, and told him that the 1930’s had something to do with the global disaster I stopped in the future timeline, I also showed him the plugs in my neck
and he was freaked out by it. I told him that humanity is going to have one hell of a ride in the far future, after I said that I removed the plug-ins from my neck which hurt very badly.

And that’s how my dream came to an end, and I would like to know if there are more people on this planet who had similar dreams, because this dream has got me questioned?

Greetings K