Tuesday, July 23, 2024

Super Soldier is more than Accurate

James the term is Super Soldier is more than accurate. This is proof the clandestine hermaphrodite targeting you James.  I know why, because you are making progress and coming up with data they could never come up with. There is no reason he/she should target and complain about what you are doing if they are a genuine survivor. And besides shouldn’t we all be working together?



  1. I’m not targeting you. We have our differences, but you’re not being targeted. I’m not interfering with your progress. I don’t keep up with blogs anymore, so most of the time I’m in the dark about who’s doing what. I want to do my own thing in my own time. I’ve said my peace on a few particular matters. That is done now. I am not after you and you are not a target.



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