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Super Soldier Mario Apparently Skipped a Jail Cell for ICU.

It appears Marios mother concocted the story of him dying and being in a ICU unit. Or perhaps there is more to this story we are not being told. Until someone can truthfully explain whats really going on I have pulled Mario’s video from my website.
For those who don’t know whats going on. On June 3rd Mario was to fly to North Carolina and meet with me and Lindsey for a few days to brainstorm ways to promote his career. I got up early Saturday morning to go to the airport to pick him up and soon learned he did not get off or on the plane nor did he return my calls. At that point i waited until Mario could update us as to what happened.  It wasn’t until June 13th that i learned what happened when this post appeared on Marios account with a update from his mother with a horrible report that revealed Mario may die after a drunk driver hit his car.
At this point , Lindsey and I did a video update about Mario condition asking hundreds of listeners to pray for his recovery .
Then the next day, Karen Macdoland uncovered evidence that Mario was not in a ICU unit but in a prison cell after he assaulted his mother in a heated argument over money.
Complaint affidavit is blurry but it reads. “On the above date and time, the defendant and victim engaged in a verbal argument. They are Mother and Son who live together as a family. The argument was over lost money and it escalated into a physical alteration. The suspect intentionally struck the victim against her will multiple times. The defendant pushed the victim with a closed fist on her head and ? ? then grabbed her by her neck while he yelled at her about the lost money. The victim was able to free herself where she fled the house and phoned 911. ”
I immediately pulled our video and due to embarrassment of the controversy and had no choice but to expose Mario’s fraudulent actions. I later learned he was released from prison on June 13th the day his mother allegedly posted on his wall about him being in a car accident. Which leads me to suspect that he was in fact posting as his mother.
Once Mario realized he was caught in a lie instead of being apologetic he made matters worse by threatening me with legal action …
Mario response on the situation…..
Take the videos down all of them. U jumped the gun.I have a lawyer any anything and everything we have on tape is not permitted to be online.U hindered my case knowing police offers watch my fb 24 u. 24 7.You dumbass. What u did what wrong.
I just got home to all of this shit. Take my videos down. My super soldier and to stuff will be filmed with someone else who has pick up my case.Ti .Mr friendland will give be sending you a letter. This week. If they are not taken down. You and I had a verbal contract and it’s saved on this database.
Thank you. Good bye..You spread nothing but missed info. My mother was protecting me. It was not use right to start documenting it until I had all my hospital paper work hospital wristband. Med bills. Crashed car pictures. A testimony from the Uber driver.
U rly got ahead of your self. I’m looking for a professional to work with. I have offers from a lot of people. And I exclusively wanted to work with you.
You couldn’t have waited for me to heal? To back up my story? Bro I have fans watching this. Idk if that mean anything to you. But if you rly cared you would have kept it mouth shot until u knew the whole story. I’m going to be civil unlike I was the person I put into the hospital who struck me with his car. I’m going to ask you to take my material down
You have until Friday. Otherwise I will precede with a case. You did not even use my alias I asked you to use. I have it snap shotted. Already there you Have take them down
Bye james
I should have gone with miles
U messed with my career and posted something that had nothing to do with that happened on the third. I was going to do big thing forbyou
Take my videos down
And my name out our mouth
U will not use me
U have until Friday to comply
Thank you. Goodbye.
And then I responded to Mario:
As friends we are supposed to care about each other. Mario should be happy he has friends who care about him, what you did to me and your fans is emotional abuse. I spent a day of my time and Lindsey spent some of her time to notify people to pray for Mario over something that is all bullshit. If anything Mario should be upset at whoever posted the public mug shoot which Karen Macdoland found. Mario risked ruining my reputation for a lie made on a public forum upsetting hundreds of his fans.
Questions remain…. How could he be hit from a drunk driver on June 3rd if he was in Jail from June 1st to 13th as court records suggest? And what happened to him being disfigured on the 3rd, when on his June 1st mugshot we can clearly see a injury, so how did it really happen? Also does that mean the post by Dina Menedez was in fact written by Mario on the 13th? I don’t know if it was Mario or his mom or someone he told to write that status.
If Mario really booked an event with 30,000 people, he would have told me and Lindsey about it. There are too many things that don’t add up. If you lie on social media about something this extreme and you don’t think it will come out is insane in my opinion.
Mario should have tried to reach out to me after he was released from jail as to why he failed to get on his plane. I don’t need to use an alias when he is now in public records. Mario appeared on Super Soldier Talk a few months ago under his own name and only now is upset that his real name is being used because he was caught in a lie and now I am the big bad wolf. Mario needs to owe up to what he has done, be glad he is out of jail and be glad his mom has forgiven him for his attack. Mario I am sorry you hit rock bottom but you’re not taking me and the work of Super Soldier Talk down for your own actions.
Mario continues to allege he was in a car accident despite court records which suggest otherwise. If you like to discuss this matter further please visit here…


  1. What I find mind-boggling is how anyone could not (fairly effortlessly) discern what a hoax this ‘Mom’ post was/is upon the first read. I’m sure at least a few did and perhaps like myself, just moved on w/ no shortage of pre-exisiting shitstorms to deal with. I don’t know how many more people have ‘liked’ and commented on that post since this screenshot was taken, …. but just mind-boggling. *smdh*

    • Mario has been attacked numerous times and is a targeted individual who was being dealing with gas lighting campaigns for quite some time. Its easy to understand that situations like these can only be interpreted with patience and a open mind. It appears his mother went into handler mode and ought to apologize to the community and Marios fans for her actions, or if the post was posted by Mario he come clean and apologize for making up such a large lie.

      • He’s been dishonest regarding his “Djing” career since he lived in Kalamazoo, MI.
        Based upon the link you provided above it would appear he should be the one to apologize to his mom for beating her.

      • James, you know that I agree w/ you @ an ‘open mind’. I’m not asserting any blame, explanation or hypothesis in any direction. Just the isolated observation at too many people’s immediate lack of discernment of the post itself. It just feeds the beast!

  2. Knew of him when he lived in Kalamazoo MI, he routinely lied and was dishonest regarding his DJing and I can provide countless references to back up this assertion. He was caught red-handed playing a pre-recorded set at a venue in Kalamazoo and is known in this city’s scene for being dishonest in general.
    He was arrested on 6/1, but as of this morning was telling people on his facebook page that the 6/1 incident was all in retaliation for him being hit by a drunk driver…. Which makes no sense because his “mom” claimed that happened on 6/3.
    I can find no local florida news links regarding a relatively famous south florida DJ (30k fans according to the “mom” post… kinda strange place to put a brag like that… heh) being struck by a drunk driver in Ft. Lauderdale, and that would certainly get news coverage if it actually happened.
    He also miraculously went from being in a coma for 2 weeks and dying twice to posting some nonsense about doctors telling him he’ll be walking again in a couple weeks…………
    Obviously he is lying about this, like he has lied about so many other parts of his life. Really shameful considering the fact that he apparently hit his mom, then pretended to be her on Facebook? Sick.

  3. Interesting how he is blaming you for all of this. However with his background, history and his status as a a TI, I do give him way more leniency than I would the avg. person. I think he will find that ppl will quickly forgive especially if he comes clean about it.

  4. First off, i would like to express my admiration for what you do. Being a TI myself I am renewed in my hope that this criminal behaviour will someday see the light because of people like you. That being said, I really think this scenario should be handled with caution. I wasn’t there, but i do personally know Mario and have a bit of understanding about how the events progression was misconstrued. As far as him possibly posing as his mother, i can say with confidence that being aware of how Mario communicates, that post in no way resembles his way of speaking or writing. I can’t imagine it was written by him. In the time that i have known Mario, he never came across as one to stretch the truth or to fake any part of his personality.


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