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Super Soldier Summit 2014

Super Soldier Summit 2014

The response of me not attending this years super soldier summit due to lack of funds has been overwhelming. Dozens of people have contacted me expressing their sad disappointment after saving up for many months for the adventure of meeting real supers soldiers. However this does not have to be so. I would like to attend this years event but I need to raise atleast $450 by Friday, May 16, 2014 12:00 midnight EST in order to make it happen.

I am offering a 90 minute  hypnotic regression for $200 at the summit in person. We can explore past lives, alien abductions, super soldier adventures, wellness quests, and more.  I only have 3 of these available.  Saturday May 31, Sunday June 1, and Monday June 2. If you are unable to attend the summit then we can do this over the phone. Be sure to include your phone number and or day and time you would like to do your regression with your order. Please understand in the case I am unable to raise the funds to attend in person I will still do your regression session over skype and or phone.

90 minute Regression May 31, June 1, June 2

90 Minute Regression over Phone

If this amount of money is out of reach for you then please donate what you can. Even if i don’t reach the goal all funds will be put to use for other future trips and interviews.  Thank You everyone! – James Rink


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