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Super Soldier Summit 2014

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Super Soldier Summit 2014

Alot of people have contacted me about their excitement of being able to meet with me at this years super soldier summit. But due to lack of funds I will not be able to attend. Additionally as far as i know; Miles Johnston, Tyler Clark, Rachel, and Max Spires will be unable to attend as well. I apologize to those individuals who have since bought tickets with the hopes of hearing us speak.

James Rink

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  • whatever says:

    Funds my ase!!! You were canned!!! You asshole!!
    You couldn’t tell the truth if it hit you in the ass!!!

  • Sue Placek says:

    Doesn’t surprise me at all….I feel sorry for some of these speakers….but most know that they have instructions….the reality of the real information is at the vatican and british/zionist empire….although most educated programmed minds wouldn’t be able to handle the real truth

  • Jeff says:

    And what are any of you doing to help spread the truth? Armchair quarterbacks.

    This may be a good thing, The last one sent everyone into panic/attack mode after the event and supposed mass Milab. I’d like to confront Erin though on what a hypocrite she is. “I’m a light worker, I’d give them a hug” to “FUCK YOU I’M CALLING THE COPS” in one afternoon. Dumb bitch. Sorry for the rant just hate story-jackers. (You were never in the all boys IBIS program under Casbolt, the in your words archangel)

  • Any says:

    Dumb bitch huh…well it takes one to know one right Jeff. Get over yourself…

  • Jeff says:

    LOL. I’m not the one claiming to be a half reptile angel Super Soldier psychic Rothschild/Sinclare dimensional light worker who threatens lawsuits and cop calling. You’d think someone who claims all this (Oh yea, father head of Shadow Government, too) could do more than bitch from a computer. Have fun in her “Tesseract”

  • Any says:

    Whatever she claims to be doesn’t mean you have to be an @sshole. Comparing her to other ss, she just wants to get on with her life. I think the whole lot of ss should stop being little douche bag f*cktards, get over themselves and move on with their lives. You should do the same.

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