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Super Soldier Talk – Annie Blu 50 Years SSP Surpasser

Original Upload Date: August 3, 2021

Annie Blu identifies herself as a surpasser. She was indoctrinated as a Montauk survivor, Mk Ultra slave, Milab, and Project Surrogate candidate starting in utero as a twin to a supposed twin brother. She is one of seven kids who grew up in the U.S. close to Scott Airforce Base. She witnessed the full gambit of MK Ultra indoctrination including drowning, virtual reality entrainment which involved different videos run at the same time into separate eyes, psychotropic drugs, especially paralysis drugs, electrocution, torture. As well as extreme temperatures where she would be hung in a butcher freezer and also placed in unheated crematoriums in extermination camps to psychic torture. Control of urine and fecal output, water and food deprivation and claustrophobic containment buried behind brick walls for days at a time and buried in graveyards in the ground for long periods.

Her preparation as a first-generation super soldier began at the age of two years old. Her owner was a family member of a European banking family thus she was taken all over the world, most especially Bulgaria as England, Germany, and Africa.

She has been trained as a mkultra sex kitten, breeder, flayer, interrogator, assassin, drug mule courier, time traveler, and super soldier. She has been deprogramming and healing from her journey since 1989 when she divorced and had a breakthrough in starting to remember her saga.

Key characters in her journey were Sidney Gottlieb known as the Black Sorcerer; Mengele, Michael Aquino. According to Peter Insider, she also has a high-level connection with Kruger which is a SSP military contractor in which she worked with Dr. Johnson, Rudolph and Wolfgang Wernichi and her own transformer army courtesy of Project Wallrider.

Annie’s Contact Email: bluvisionoracle@protonmail.com
To order a session with Annie please visit: www.bluevisionoracle.com

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