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Super Soldier Talk – Ben Murphy and Jay Essex – Exploring the HG6 Facility – Dec 19, 2013

Join us as Ben Murphy, Jay Essex, and James Rink review the Project Camelot heather material for clues of an purported underground base in the Baldwin Park neighborhood in Orlando, Florida where dead soldiers where allegedly reanimated and augmented into super soldiers.

Navy Water Treatment Plant
PARCEL ID: 21-22-30-0000-00-002
View the 3 pictures of 1400 Truman Rd.

North Park Baptist Church

Heather Material

Ben Murphy’s Project Camelot Interview

The Aaron McCollum Truth Evolution radio transcript

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Video edited and created by James Rink
Original Recording Date: December 19, 2013


James Rink and Neological Technologies does not necessarily vouch for the validity of any of the views expressed in this video and shall be held harmless by all third parties. Meditation and any information provided here is offered to treat for entertainment purposes only. Discernment is always required.


  1. I believe it was Tanaath (Commander in Silver Legion) & Sunfire (Andromedan Council Rep) who said that all animals that die in 3D end up in 4D where we are all heading, but minus the dark ones who have destroyed 3D for all the rest of us and refuse to change their ways… who will be sent back to Source with a “better luck next time…” So I hope that all of you of the Dark who are reading these words heed them; the Christ power on this planet is moving you off and out!!!!!

  2. Let’s be clear: as Tanaath and Sunfire also said: the Reptilians have tried to lay claim/ownership of humans on this planet (DNA and otherwise) but they ARE NOT and can’t in any way lay ownership; they are LIARS and have tired to convince humans on this planet and others of this for a long time. Do not fall for the reptilian lie! They said that we humans here have at least 22 off-world species DNA in us that are not reptilian. James what was Jay’s reference he used for the other side group? i couldn’t make it out. THanks. Great vid.

  3. Thanks for investigating this topic. It hasn’t really received much attention beyond Project Camelot’s coverage, so thanks. If it’s legit, it sheds light on a number of different “programs.” In my opinion the most interesting part of this video was the visuals of the purported vicinity where “Heather” of the Heather Material may have worked, starting a /29min:29secs. I also found it interesting when you and Mr. Murphy are actually able to discuss things, like his life experiences, memories of Heather and so forth SANS Mr. Essex butting in (though I noticed he was standing behind James chomping at the bit to jump to do so, then finally did unfortunately, lol).

    Much of this is information is nebulous because it is “black ops,” but Mr. Murphy seemed to still be able to interpret a lot of things to a good degree. But the first 11 1/2 minutes of this video, I think the camera was focusing way too much on Mr. Essex (and also at other moments where he sauntered into his soliloquys). I found his constant chatter meaningless, even annoying, and if I didn’t know any better, just from body language, I would say toward the latter part of this video even Mr. Murphy was getting rather annoyed with Essex’s incessant babbling and cutting people off. I would high-five Mr. M if this were true, but I could be wrong, haha.

    I had a few other thoughts about Mr. Essex, which I posted beneath the other video you made of him (God, I hope there will be no more of these, lol).

    Anyway, that’s my feedback. Oh, and one more thing: that woman driving the car…honestly, no one is interested in her “butthole.” /14min:43sec. What a record scratch that was. Gah, I hate to imagine the things that come out of her mouth when (not if) she’s at the local bar slamming booz. James, in my opinion if you want videos like this to be of research value and taken seriously, you might consider editing out off-topic (and rather crass) things like that; just a thought.

    Thank you.

    • 7744, thanks for your thorough analogies, opinions & judgments. Good to know some are paying such attention to the material. A lot of ‘things’ come out of my mouth but NONE of them are in bars, nor do I “slam booze”. I DO however, spend weeks researching and putting info together and spend my own time & gas/hotel money rounding up people from bus stations and airports, navigating unfamiliar territory while driving and listening to some pretty heavy conversation in a extremely clandestine setting on very little sleep. You should try it sometime. That’s quite an amazing talent to sum up 3 people’s thoughts, personalities and even private lives from your own judgmental perspective!

      Worth every bit of it to help bring this information to people like yourself. YOU’RE WELCOME. It was James’ discretion to leave it in and I still think it’s funny that he did.

      Thanks again for sharing. Freedom of expression is such a valued liberty to be utilized often…. Don’t you THINK?!

      – that woman driving the car

  4. 7744jjopx, you re full of information in a sense that you did not integrate inside of you it all. Some parts/layers of your discoveries need peace to be percieved, once you get a path where you can listen to you better, what will come to you will come as in the right order. Peace

  5. Hi Sandy. First, let me say an official THANK YOU for going to all the effort you stated in your response that you went through behind the scenes, helping James make the video possible. I’ve seen your posts here in the past now that I look at your user name, and I know you have been supportive of James’ efforts for a while. I think the posts I made yesterday are the only time I’ve ever commented on this blog, though I’ve been following it for a while (if I have posted before it was probably one sentence or something, but not in the same detail).

    I will edit out things like the bar comment in the future if I post here again. I could have left that out. I will still speak my truth, however because when stuff like this is presented, especially when we have someone claiming he is God, has tens of thousands of DNA strands, was virtually every important personage in history, and other claims, such attestations need to be dissected carefully and straightly questioned, not just blindly accepted. I commend James for is not censoring people like me, even when he disagrees with what they’ve said.

    I stand by every word I wrote in those first two posts summarizing my take on Jay, and my imploring people to view his claims with their intuitive faculties on high alert. I will reiterate that again and again if need be. His response today only confirmed to me that I called it one hundred percent correctly. Watch in months to come, whenever anyone questions his claims publically, he will again go into another knee-jerk diatribe about “the government” trying to get to him, as he did in his rant on this blog today.

    I can tell all of you that point by point, he got every single detail about me completely incorrect. And, I will go further in just pointing this out –that if you’re getting “readings” from this guy, man, he must telling you some things that, I don’t know what to say, words fail me, here. He is highly inaccurate. But you could take my opinion, or leave it. Doesn’t matter to me. One thing I will say he got right, though: “You people have no idea who I am.” Indeed. And I really don’t want to know. After his vitriolic and totally delusional (and yes, I am using that word very carefully –he was so off base, it actually worries me for your guys’ sake), I am beginning to question whether or not he has a history of violence. But, that’s all I’ll say about that gentleman.

    Anyway, I think it goes without saying that whenever people choose to get in the limelight, unfortunately, it’s necessary to develop a very thick skin, and stand up to scrutiny without falling apart emotionally over it, because everything such people do affects many masses of people watching them. So, thank you again Sandy, and Ben and James (Jay, you could have stayed home though, honestly) for being willing to go in front of the camera, research this, and share your research with us. I realize it took great courage, and a willingness to subject yourself to public commentary, like mine, which is no easy thing.

    The public just kind of left The Heather Material hanging in the air after Kerry’s coverage of it, and it’s been like this huge elephant in the room no one’s discussing. You all brought it back into consciousness, and I hope there’s more that you find out. So, thanks again for working on it.

    Be well, all. Thank you.

    –little young new intelligence agency recruit (on Mars, lol)

  6. Its pretty clear Jays response to you is because you basically attacked him with your complaints. If you said such about me I would most likely speak up as well. I dont believe that is so outlandish of a move on his part. Replying to you is not proof of illegitimacy. seem childish is a way whereas you need to somehow get the last word or prove yourself which is an ego issue.It just seems like you have some sort of personal beef with the man and the more you go on and on, you look like a baby trying to show you have more toys with you insisting youre so accurate. youre just really annoying at this point. It wasnt a reading he did of you but clearly you will attempt to say so and use it as some sort of ammo. Again, juvenile. Everyone clearly knows how you feel so be gone now.

  7. Jay seems intuitive and a nice guy, but when someone gives doom predictions that don’t come true like the tsunami that was supposed to hit the USA in 2011, it gives them a fear monger look. Also if he was Ghandi and Merlin and all these enormous public figures, why did he choose a regular over-all wearing Joe in this life? This isn’t an attack, I just think psychics have to be very careful interpreting their visions/intuitions, especially when they involve doom. People may have uprooted their lives to move or warned relatives that lived in that area or spent all their money on bunkers or rations preparing for what they thought was a coming catastrophe.

  8. 7744 made some important points about Jay. Jay should prove his abilities somehow if he’s going to make these phenomenal claims. There are ways to completely mind control someone to put out distractions by becoming a public figure in the fringe. James, did Jay ever prove his psychic abilities to you in any way? Could he read the contents of your mind or tell you things about your life he shouldn’t have known? Sorry if you mentioned that in a video and I forgot… I can’t buy his godly story. But the rest of this video was very interesting.


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