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Super Soldier Talk – Captain Matthias Nüsken – NWR / Krüger Special Ops

Today Nüsken will cover a selection of SSP/super soldier topics including his WW2-era ancestry & connection to the Kruger Mercenary Corp. He also knows the history behind “Sigmund” and can elaborate on the inter-German breakaway rivalry between Kreigsmarine/Luftwaffe/Wehrmacht, versus the Valhalla’s, versus the Schutzstaffel & the Waffen-SS, which continues to this day and has implications for NWR’s current operational status & perceived “lack of action”.

He also has information about Nacht Waffen’s time travel missions to “control the timeline” themselves & cut out the Draco middleman. He has remote viewed secret SRA sites in Canada, and since meeting and recognizing other NWR/Krüger assets the past couple of years, has also had the Cabal significantly dial up their harassment & derailing of his personal life, as Nüsken believes he has somehow pissed off the Cabal even more than he ever pissed off the Germans or the DracoZetas themselves.

Nusken served in Nacht Waffen Regir/Dark Fleet, where in his “main/first” 20 & back tour, was in various security, fleet & maintenance/repair postings before he was put into officer training. According to NWR records in the “here and now”, Nüsken was ranked as a Captain of a combined NWR/Krüger special ops fire team, which has Nacht Waffen officers commanding groups of 1-3 Krüger fire teams on missions that Nacht Waffen “regulars” wouldn’t touch, that Krüger wanted to be done discreetly & that was kept under wraps by select fleet captains & NWR flag officers. The records were heavily scrubbed from general fleet access, and Nüsken was listed as “coded for re-entry” under Reserve Forces status, which is used for most MILAB/20 & back assets that completed their service. He also participated in alternate timelines which involved the Bluebeam and NWR Alien Salvation scenarios.

In this second “Bluebeam” tour, he reached the equivalent rank of Lt. Colonel in the 302nd Jugenbeld Unit which is German for “youth picture”. Nüsken believes this group to be an NWR recruitment arm operating using combined Chronovisor & Valhalla program Intel, along with a form of counter-surveillance of Cabal ops and assets. Nacht Waffen (and Krüger by extension*) then use it to fast-track MILAB’s and past life “red flags” into officer status & controlling the chess board. In this timeline, the GFL breached the Sol System around 2031 & most of his command team were killed when his shuttle crash landed into a horde of arachnids & mantises on Mars. He was remediated by GFL/SSP-A forces in the aftermath & sent back to approximately 2009, where the effects of both 20 & back tours took a severe toll on his personal life.

He recalls being at LOC for Krüger debriefs & sometimes medical treatment. He was also stationed on Mars, Ceres, Iapetus near Saturn, and Neucorelia as a security chief/vessel inspector out on an asteroid base. His asteroid base was usually the “standby” position of the Opherion, Nacht Waffens capital flagship, so it wouldn’t interfere with Neucorelia’s orbital traffic. He has recall of combined NWR/Krüger missions with Harris (Krüger Korps), extracting NWR personnel off other planets, eliminating rogue Ciakar “bloodhound” units & doing recon on former Lyran planets annihilated during the Orion Wars.

During his service, he has encountered royal White Dracos, Greys, and Cabal sympathizers from the Draco Zeta alliance. His Bluebeam recall had him patrolling through urban areas, loaded to the teeth assisting the NWR for cabal roundup. He has some memories of visiting hollow Earth and engagements with biblical 50 ft giants as well, which is potentially a screen memory for royal Draco.

Nüsken is also looking to establish a business (LEGALLY) recreating SSP tech, gear, decoration, and other objects. He does not have crowdfunding but anyone interested in donating/helping him out can reach him at the ProtonMail address provided, or reach him via James/SST.

His contact email is:

James will be presenting April 12-14, 2024 at the Sonesta Los Angeles Airport Hotel, in Los Angeles. CA. Get your tickets here.

Original Record Date: December 4, 2023

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