Tuesday, July 23, 2024

Super Soldier Talk – Christy and Steve – Alpha Squad Super Soldiers

Today, Christy, Steve, and James will be sharing about some of their shared experiences as a Super Soldier in the Alpha Squad.

Christy is a Lyran Sirian Warrior sent to battle the Draco Reptilian and Greys in the Underground Wars. She has done four 20 year and back missions in which around the age of 5 to 6 she was trained as a spy, remote viewer, psychic assassin, and monarch. She was then bought and lived in a mansion from the age of 6 to 10 and used in honey pots for black mail. From 11 to 14 she lived in a mother of darkness castle with two other girls where she underwent ritualistic abortions. From 14 to 16 she worked in an aircraft hangar with James’s Rink’s alter trained by Tall Greys to resist psionic attacks. After that she graduated and George Bush Senior to her to Mars and the Moon for cloning. She has memories of James as Borck in the future in the planet in the Canis Major system. James as Dirk on Mars, and James at a martial arts training facility in space. She also believes she is a member of Alpha Squad along with James.

taken to space where her memories begin black out. Today Christy will be sharing information about James Arc Ships in Orion, her future aspects with James as Brock and Christy as Jennifer, Tomas at the mars castle, Dirk and Christy on Mars, as well as her shared memories with James’s training to withstand psionic attack with a tall grey inside an underground hanger bay.

You can email Christy at: christy.campbell.11@gmail.com

Steve is a super solider in the Alpha Squad, serving in the resistant movement to free members and slaves of the SSP. After his kundalini awakening, and regression work; his awareness of higher dimensions awoken him to many realities. He was brought on to ships receiving activations, healings, and missions to dismantle heavy fields that needed to be cleaned out. He has connections to Toth, Ptah, Odin, and ISIS. He has a sound energy therapy that recalibrates the bio field that can bring up old trauma that needs healing.

His email is : Sche3067@gmail.com
His youtube handle is: https://www.youtube.com/@scherer321

Original Record Date: July, 8, 2023

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