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Super Soldier Talk – Christy Campbell – Psionic Super Soldier

Super Soldier Talk – Christy Campbell – Psionic Super Soldier

Christy trained as a monarch starting at age 5, for George Bush Senior for honey pots and as an assassin. She has done a 20 year and back mission in which she was trained as a psychic assassin around the age of 6. She was then bought and lived in a mansion from the age of 6 to 10 and used in honey pots to black mail. From 11 to 14 she lived in a mother of darkness castle with two other girls where she underwent ritualistic abortions. From 14 to 16 she worked in a hangar with James’s training to resist psionic attacks. After that she graduated and taken to space where her memories begin black out. Today Christy will be sharing information about James Arc Ships in Orion, her future aspects with James as Brock and Christy as Jennifer, Tomas at the mars castle, Dirk and Christy on Mars, as well as her shared memories with James’s training to withstand psionic attack with a tall grey inside an underground hanger bay.

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Original Record Date: May 31, 2023

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