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Super Soldier Talk – Commander Anu- SSP Super Soldier, Colonel, President, and PR Officer

Two years ago, Commander Anu found herself on a Spaceship over Lhasa, Tibet and was informed that she had been chosen as President of the Galactic Federation Council Political Side which has 13 members. Since September 2019, she became a Citizen and Colonel in the New Germany Secret Space Programme, where she is the first ever Public Relations and Social Media Officer. Later, she became the designer of the Clanax Haunebu UFO, the Architect of the 3 University of Atlantis Campuses at the South Pole, North Pole and on Silver Moon in the Andromeda Galaxy. She is a member of Project Midnight in the Andromeda Galaxy. She is a minor member of the Time Travel Research Team sent on Missions to investigate Time Slips, alleged time machines, ley lines and pyramid power.

Two years ago, she was volunteered to be a Super Soldier. She is a Colonel who has been fast tracked to General but has turned it down until next year after requesting more training. Her Super Soldier training did not involve being cloned or having alters as far as she knows. The project over 6 months was to adjust brain waves so that little sleep was needed. Her friends were wondering what the hell was going on since she used to go to bed for years between 9pm and 10.30pm even at weekends. She was suddenly up at midnight and 2am or 3am or 4am posting on social media and saying that weather permitting, she was doing gardening between midnight and 2am. Since last month, she is back on the Super Soldier Programme officially even though it never really stopped due to ongoing insomnia. Her main office is at Antarctica Base 211 where she has a desk and chair in the Library as requested. Her Secretary is Peyton Cottrell II who writes and publishes books about our work on Earth, the Moon, Mars and the Andromeda Galaxy.

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Original Record Date: September 25, 2023

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