Tuesday, July 23, 2024

Super Soldier Talk – David Lotherington – Super Soldier and Milab Experiencer

Today we have David Lotherington who is an akashaic record reader, healer, and telepath, and is able to do channeled communications with non-terrestrial beings. He currently resides in Nova Scotia. He has been involved with programs his entire beginning at least 4 years old and up. He recalls being trained at area 51 where he met peter the insider. He also remembers being in a facility that trained his shapeshifting abilities in which I was also a participant of. He recalls experiences as super soldier in Kruger and has done training missions with zombie and vampires. We will also go into some of his experiences of how they neuralized his memories in the ssp. At the end the show David will try to bring in someone from Asthar command to give us their view point of the milab exopolitical situation here on planet earth. To contact David please visit: https://davidlotherington.wixsite.com/website?fbclid=IwAR1r-C6humZLYRgVGCf4DnsdJcKVyX4-liNW8mZdxeIIKkzUlKWy74PpGCY Learn more at: https://backup.supersoldiertalk.com Support us with your purchase at: http://www.neologicaltech.com


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