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Super Soldier Talk – Final Door Perspectives on the Timeline – Feb 11, 2021

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The Final Door is a current event show focusing on Nesara, SSP disclosure, and the liberation of
humanity. Tonight’s Panel is James Rink, Oksana, Jenny Lee, and Charlene.

Today’s show is a special roundtable of various intuitives who have different perspectives of what they see happening in the future timeline. Today is pivotal point because many timelines are overlapping as we speak and if we can anchor the one, we want through our manifestation by becoming aware of these possibilities we can change our trajectory hopefully to a more positive outcome. I’ve come up with a list of at least 10 questions to ask our guests and allow each person a few minutes to share their input of what they think is going on. Because our first Final Door video was censored on youtube and because I choose not to dumb down the topics and questions, we will instead host the full version of this show on on bitchute. I am putting a link to the zoom live stream for listeners to go to.

Oksana is an intuitive who has experienced numerous out of body experiences, and she recalls being on the moon as well as ssp facilities. Oksana has been getting downloads about the various timelines. She lives in Chicago but she grew in Kiev, Ukraine.

Jenny lee is a Christian seer, remote viewer, medium, automatic writer, angel reader, and healer. She has been working with the families to find missing persons assist law enforcement cases for 12 years as of 2021. In the process she often uncovers corruption with high level elites, and sometimes even law enforcement. Jenny has some recall of memories of being in Orion with the ascended masters such as Jesus. She has some SSP memories of being on ships and see keys that twist around planet earth. Jenny predicted President Trump being elected in 2016 but her predictions have been wiped from the internet because so many other psychics. She’s the author of a book, Walking in Humble Spirit, that she didn’t want to write. “Spirit told me, ‘I want you to do this book for people who are starting out, so they can understand energy and spirituality in a basic way and not feel frustrated.’ The book wasn’t for me. It was what Spirit needed me to do.” Her website is www.jennyssight.net

Charlene is a Native American healer, natural shaman, and spiritual advisor of the (shu) Chinook Tribe but currently resides in North Carolina. She is guided by a spirt guide named Puff, and together they will be providing us intuitive perspectives of the topics on hand. Her contact email is lightfootchinook@gmail.com .

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