In this video James Rink, K, and Dan Macbolen discuss flashgun technology, synthetic avatars, and milabs and together they remote view into the past to learn more shocking details about James Rink’s involvement with Project Surrogate.

K is another milab survivor who has been able to tune into her remote viewing gifts. And Dan Macbolen was part of Project OPENEYES USAF Subset Zeta Diogenes/CLEAREYES Level 1-5 and will be helping us remote view as well. We begin by discussing the October 15, 2012 interview with James Rink and K. Be sure to to listen to that in case you had missed it.

Super Soldier Talk – Rescuing Max and Nathan with K- October 15, 2012

Video edited and created by James Rink
Original Recording Date: November 11, 2012