Thursday, June 20, 2024

Super Soldier Talk – Future Predictions 2024 Panel

We have four special guests for our future 2024 predictions panel. Michael O’Sedona, Colin O’Brien, Oksana Buchanan, and Laurine Genevieve Bergeron-Hamel

Michael O’Sedona is a scientist, pilot, inventor, physicist, and contactee. In his younger years, he was employed by a DOD contractor on missile and satellite systems, software development, and exotic energy research. In the summer of 2001 in Phoenix, he had a 12-minute first-hand encounter with the pale-skinned 8-foot Cruxians from the Crux constellation who uploaded 5 exobytes of data into his pineal gland, which gives Michael the ability to answer any question he is asked. These ETs encouraged Michael to share a message that humanity needs to grow up and stop self-dividing and conquering. His book “Wake Up and Do Something” shares more of these details. Michael’s contact inspired him to create a Band known as Element 115 with an extraterrestrial drummer named AL.

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Colin O’Brien is a super soldier, remote viewer, precognitive, and clairaudient. James Rink met Colin in the SSP at the 500-room Marketer Retreat Hotel on Iapetus where his alter Derrick Reinholder was also visiting at the same time. Derrick was a Non-commissioned officer for Fireteam S in Nacht Waffen Regir. This hotel is an R&R facility serving a clientele of mostly military and pirates. It appears most of the guests were KIA because there was a war going on. This might be a future memory.

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Oksana is an intuitive who has experienced numerous out-of-body experiences, and she recalls being on the moon as well as SSP facilities. Oksana has some downloads she’s been getting about the various timelines. She lives in Florida but she grew up in Kiev, Ukraine.

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James will be presenting April 12-14, 2024 at the Sonesta Los Angeles Airport Hotel, in Los Angeles. CA. Get your tickets here.

Laurine is an internationally recognized professional psychic medium. She has been studying her craft for over 30 years. With her psychic abilities, she has been able to find missing persons and animals and also has helped individuals discover their innate intuitive abilities. Her psychic skills are so renowned that they were sought after both on and off planet. At the very young age of 3, she had already been preselected to serve in multiple capacities in several SSP programs. She vividly remembers serving in Solar Warden under the name of Leslie Roberts and rose to the rank of Admiral. After returning from her service off world, she was still being sought after by various individuals in many fields and arenas. Her repertoire of VIP clients includes celebrities and scientists as well as people in public service. She is sought after for her expertise and insight in the realm of future forecasting. She has also done extensive timeline analysis for the past decade and projections on the future of where she sees humanity going forward. Her intention has always been to help humanity reach their full potential to learn about the stars and beyond. She is honored to be alive at this crucial time in human history and proud to be one of many coming forward who are serving humanity and the common good for all.

Original Record Date: December 28, 2023

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