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Super Soldier Talk – Iren – Timeline Healing Specialist, SS, and Milab

Original Air Date: August 2, 2022

Iren has memories of serving off world as a super soldier. In one reality she recalls serving in some kind clandestine military facility here on earth in a anti-terrorism task force protecting humanity within this timeline and throughout the multiverse. During her service, she was tasked with visiting other timelines to recover or steal advanced technology, or act in a supporting role to help the survivors. These timelines include universes that had a viral outbreak, alien invasion, and or an AI terminator timeline. Additionally, she was tasked with training others with hand-to-hand combat and situational awareness.

She also recalls serving in an augmented super soldier body with super human abilities that had an appearance similar to the suit you see in the Halo video game series. She recalls using exotic weaponry which included directed energy weapons, interdimensional camouflage, dimensional jumping, electromagnetic TK, psionic clairvoyance, black matter weapons which created energy that could pass through walls, mind control, and xeodynamic vision.

As a teenager, Iren recalls having dreams of being experimented upon such as solving puzzles in a water tank before the tank filed up with water. She remembers being given injections while tied to a medical bed and she has memories of trying to escape from these facilities.

In her civilian life, she currently works in the medical industry, however, she thinks she may move into energy healing in the near future. To help integrate her trauma from this lifetime and other lifetimes she involved herself with the meditation practice known as Kunlun Nei Gung which she uses to clear her energy system. Iren does not recall the same level of torture and trauma as other super soldiers but she does remember the brutal training scenarios she was forced to endure.

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