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Super Soldier Talk – Jay Essex – Cranks Up’s, Annunakis, and Milabs – November 24, 2013

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Listen in as Jay Essex shares his psychic intuition covering many diverse topics including the alien agendas on this planet involving the annunakis, reptilians, plejarens, military abductions and more. Additionally learn more about his “Crank Up” process to help you increase your own psychic abilities.


  • 7744jjopx says:

    James, hi. I believe you’re making a big mistake giving this guy a platform, but that is just my opinion. I would like to think we humans are beyond buying into the sales pitches of fast-talking snake oil salesmen (dressed in bib overalls, no less, lol), but apparently, we still have a long way to go. People, I know we are all looking for “healing,” looking for heroes, looking for answers. Things are very scary right now, so many of us want desperately to believe in something, somebody, anybody. But, use discrimination. Think. With of all the shenanigans that have been imposed upon us, we have to learn to separate complete nonsense from potential truth, weigh what we hear against the other things we’ve studied.

    …because if you’re just listening to this stuff for “entertainment,” you’re making a mistake. You should take this stuff seriously, use discrimination and analyze it. There are some serious psy ops constantly going on around us. It doesn’t seem that there is much we could do about. But, we could at least educate ourselves and attempt to gain awareness, if nothing else.

    I’m going to review briefly a few things this guy has said in this interview. Those of you buying into what’s being said, try to stop, put your emotions aside and think objectively for moment about the content. If someone were REALLY sitting in front of you, and REALLY said all the following to you, what would your gut instinct tell you?

    “There are over a trillion planets with life on it, averaging a little over a million beings per planet, and I’M THE ONLY THING, ANYWHERE, that can actually evolve the body” /29min:38sec

    In other words, Mr. Essex is telling us that he has replaced God…in fact he later literally says this: “Since the original father’s gone, I just have to focus my energies on where I am, because I’m actually spread out all over the place.” /1hr:15min:20sec


    “I was Gandhi” /35min:02sec
    “I was DaVinci” /35min:15sec
    “I was George Washington/35min:20sec
    “I was Christopher Columbus” 35min:23sec
    “I was Merlin” (and all his current acquaintances were the Knights of the Round Table).
    “I was Nostradamus” 43min/40sec

    Readers, what is your gut feeling right now reading this? Have any red flags come up yet in your consciousness?

    Other gems:

    He teleported and spoke to George Washington (“that would be me”) /1hour05mins44sec

    He was “the ninth Incan ruler,” where he picked up 100 boulders in his hands, 500 pds each, threw them into each other, and killed 1500 enemy soldiers.

    And finally, he has “6,400 strands of DNA” /28min:50sec (which he probably needs because he’s replacing God, and he’s the only being in the universe that can do what he does, so that makes total sense)

    If none of raised any red flags with you, consider this. He was boasting that he’s going to see “a big man at NASA.” /19min:43sec. People, if you’ve done any studying about things around you, you’d have a suspicion by now about anybody who proudly claims they are working with NASA. You would suspect that NASA is nothing more than a mouthpiece for the PR branch of the (real) government. It exists to distract people with useless chicken feed for the government-controlled news media, parading nonsense like little metal boxes of nuts and bolts “exploring Mars” so people would rejoice at science’s “progress.”

    And after some research you might suspect that there is a “real” space program going on that is much bigger and centuries more advanced than the stupidity we are being told. Look at Laura Eisenhower’s and Andrew Basiago’s testimonies about being recruited to Mars bases, if you do not study anything else at all (however, I would hope that you would study a lot more than that). Their testimonies suggest bases on Mars being in existence for decades now. And take a look at the testimony of “prisoner” Mark Richards also about a covert space program he claims to have worked in, describing how there are inter-agency and even inter-species wars constantly going on “up there”

    Anyone like this guy tooting his horn about working with “NASA” is deluded, and shouldn’t be listened to.

    Another thing to consider about this person, and probably what explains his behavior the most: mind control programming. It should concern us that this guy has people calling him on the phone because “their spirit guides told people to call me.” Who might these spirit guides be, I wonder? Again, if you’ve even done a little bit of study, or better yet experienced psychotronic attacks yourself, you would be aware how easy it is to be manipulated. There are a gazillion testimonies of people on this; at least check out those of Solaris Blueraven, or Jeff Polachek, if nothing else. Some of you might already know about messages pulsed into our brains through cell towers, satellites, other media, that “feel” like our own thoughts. It’s all part of the charade, the control system.

    I would say this guy is totally gone, that his mind has, sadly, left the building a long time ago. And it ain’t coming back. He wouldn’t know that, which would be part of the mind-control, so he will always believe that he’s been all these important personages in history, that he “gets into” everybody’s energy and “heals” them all, that he is filling in for God, and that intelligence agents eagerly want to do all these studies on his 6,400 of his DNA strands. His handlers are probably thoroughly enjoying puppeting him to the public like this, and having a good laugh about it. I feel kind of sorry for him. I’m sure he believes every word of this.

    People, I believe we will, unfortunately, have many more remote-controlled puppets like this guy paraded in front of us before it’s all said and done. Maybe the plan here is to expose us to increasingly dumb and dumber garbage to see if we’ll believe it, so the social engineers could gauge what the current level of public gullibility is. I don’t know. It’s said that soon we’ll have holograms projected in the sky to be either an “alien attack” or a “Disclosure” event of good guys, maybe both. So, as we endure the total clown show that life on this planet is increasingly becoming each day, please use discrimination. Do your homework. Follow your gut and exercise common sense when charlatans like this are paraded in front of you.

    Most importantly, don’t think that everybody claiming they’re here to heal or “save” you somehow, really is.

    • James Rink says:

      You allege that mr essex has “handlers”, that he is “deluded”, and a “charlatan” along with a laundry list of items which cannot be proven for or against. I believe that falls under the category of hearsay, the very thing you appear to be opposed too. A better approach is to learn what we can from Jay and not judge until the jury is out.

      • Tia says:

        I really don’t know what to believe. I am Christian and it feels slightly funny hearing him say all these things talking about angels but not mention God. I just want to know that what he is saying is real. I know about the Annuunakis and I know that they are real, also milabs, cloning, monarch programming, amongst other things. I just really need clarification and I would love if you would educate me more about milabs and what you went through if you wouldn’t mind. Im interested in this stuff and also I need to educate myself. so if you could please contact me as soon as possible that would be great, thank you.

    • Jay Essex says:

      It’s almost funny how someone asks others to have an open mind about things but dismisses the possibilities of what another is saying when he’s not even aware of what’s actually happening around him anyway. Dude, where is this god you talk about? I see everything on the other side. What you call god was actually the first being that made itself into two parts for company as it was the first being ever.
      You like to lead people to your own conclusions yet ask them to have an open mind. Who’s selling snake oil dude. The next time you love yourself in a mirror, look a little deeper. Never mind, you’re too in love with yourself. Objectivity isn’t your strong suit.
      The government has sent the FBI and Homeless Insecurity to my house, even asked for some Essenite stone I have. I told Mr. Homeless Insecurity, actually a really nice fellow, that he meant Star Essenite. He corrected himself and said yes.
      I almost feel sorry for you. It’s funny how you folks in the government feel threatened with me. I haven’t even started yet. The gentleman who wrote this article isn’t the same as the one who wrote the other. I see energy. You can’t hide yours. You can write with the same computer or log in to the same general email, but you can’t change your energy. I read that silly rabbit. You people have no idea who I really am. That’s why, when you follow me, you send your little young new recruits.
      You actually think I need line of sight to see you. I could see and read you on Mars dude. The NSA knows what and who I am. You’re a little group of children with computer access, government children. I’m here. Watch me continue to grow. Sleep well. I do. Jay Aramaeleous Essex

      • t says:

        hi jay, would your reference to “god” in your comment relate to either of those written about in some gnostic texts known as the “pre existent one” or the one known as the “false god” who was created by “sophia”? thanks

  • 7744jjopx says:

    I’m sure Mr. Essex is an affable gentleman, a kind person, and all that. He doesn’t seem to have a mean bone in his body toward anyone. I don’t sense any of that with him. Not alleging anything, it’s just expressing my opinion as I stated in the beginning, that’s all.

    I’m only commenting on the content of what he’s saying, and asking people to take a closer look at it, that’s all. I take this stuff very seriously. My intuition for some reason is telling me quite strongly this guy is not working in the capacity he’s stating, probably through no fault of his own. He no doubt thoroughly believes he is. He just doesn’t ring true to me, James. I’m just being honest, that’s all.

    And I think my encouraging people not to believe everything they hear, not have a Pavlovian reaction to instantly “follow” people who spout off a bunch of stuff like this guy does, without thinking very critically about it, is solid advice to follow. I stand by that. Again, I don’t mean that as a personal insult to him, but I do think the warning is merited.

    Anyway, try as I may not to sound judgmental, it looks like I may have failed on that one, lol. That wasn’t my intention. But thank you for giving me a chance to express my (albeit strong) opinions on this. It is gracious of you as always, and I appreciate it.

    Take care, James.
    Be well.

  • seems an honnest statement, and a human reaction, life. Peace all, i don t see any over evolved or under respectfull person, understanding for us all.
    thanks !

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