Thursday, June 20, 2024

Super Soldier Talk – Jennifer Silves Reptilian and SSP Experiencer

Jennifer Silves began her life as a homeschooling redneck fishing guide’s hippy wife in Alaska for nearly 20 years. Then her marriage deconstructed, she got into an ICO crypto coin , and she left Alaska in December 2017 and ended up in Seattle. Her hobbies include MMA, plant sentience, interdimensional communication, she enjoys weightlifting and bike riding, and she is studying coding and crypto technology. Her father worked at Lawrence Livermore, Stanford Research Institute, Freightliner, and other various DARPA related projects. Her uncle was a spy for Clowns in America and worked at the FBI and Mexican Police Fusion Center in Mexico City which is tasked for monitoring the drug cartels. Then she had a kundalini awakening, and became aware of her reptilian “family”. In August 2017, reptilians from this sector of space begun a series of contacts with “Alexander” which continue to this day. She recalls astral experiences of being on a pyramid spaceship and taken off planet along with a group of people as if they were refuges. She has also had experiences with various dark entity attachments which she transmuted through her spiritual practices. She recalls experiences in the SSP with a Cat entity who taught her battle training, and revealed how a lot of experiencers on planet earth are being screwed. She is hoping participating in this conversation will help others as much as she was helped by those who came before her. She does distance energy healing, and Tarot Readings, her google voice number is 971-770-1537 or you can email her at Visit to learn more support us with a purchase at


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