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Super Soldier Talk – Jodi Reynosa and Johan Fritz

Original Recording Date: May 5, 2022

Jodi and Johan are a couple who have extensive background experiences in the SSP. In this video they will be sharing modalities such as SIA and QHHT which they use to help SSP veterans integrate trauma and recover suppressed memories. They will also be sharing some of their memories in the SSP.

Jodi Reynosa was a news anchor and pharmaceutical sales rep in the here and now. In the SSP she was involved in Kruger, Nacht Waffen, Project Monarch, Murkoff, and Wallrider.

Johan Fritz was in the Marine Corps and he was picked up from Diego Garcia and then recruited into the secret space program as a Kruger officer at LOC. From there he was transferred into the Mars Defense Force and later Nacht Waffen Extra Solar and he has done a total of 40 years of service and eventually made it to the executive level management aboard the USS Patton, CEO of the Franklin, another ship for 15 years. Johan is able to remember more than other experiences because he was able to resist the mkultra program he was put through. In this exclusive in person interview Johan will share more details about his experiences in the Secret Space Program.

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